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VRSYF: Suckers' Bet Continues to Attract Suckers

November 20, 2016:  Shares of VMS Rehab Systems, Inc (VRSYF), a Canadian scam pretending to produce generic drugs, continue to attract the proverbial fools looking to soon part with their money, in spite of the fact that shares have lost dropped from two bucks to under 15 cents since the initial pump was launched back on May 25th. Apparently, some people just can't take a hint.

VRSYF Chart Since May 25, 2016
Until Friday's promotion, the desecration of the public belonged almost solely to Stellar Media Group, publisher of several newsletters including Damn Good Penny Picks. Those touts have pumped VRSYF six times since May. On Friday, the Wolf of Penny Stocks and his partner newsletters joined the fracas.  VRSYF shares fared no better even with new blood pumping them and investor losses continue to mount.  The Wolf is back at it again Monday, looking to feed shares to some more pigeons. Wolf promotions almost always get creamed on the second day of pumping, so watch out!

In spite of several claims of acquisitions and new international offices that were obviously spewed in support of the promotion effort, the company maintains a bare bones operation, if any.  Within its recently released financials, the company reports nine month earnings at just over 38 grand in Canuck bucks. Tangible assets appear to be worth about $5K with no cash in the bank.  However, the company is quiet adept at printing paper. The number of shares outstanding has increased 420% since October 31st and almost 500% since May.

Using the blueprint followed by so many penny stock scams like it, we expect VRSYF to pick up the pace at which it churns out stock certificates and the share price to drop into the subpennies in the not-so-distant future.