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Printing Presses Churn Out Certificates at INCT

November 30, 2016: As shares of Incapta, Inc. (INCT) prepare to be subject to a pump and dump campaign for the 5th time in three years, eventual bag holders should consider the fact that the company has a propensity to execute reverse splits on its stock almost as fact as it issues new share certificates.

On April 27, 2015, INCT's one for 3,000 reverse split reduced the number of shares outstanding from just over a billion to 1,004,517. By August 8, 2016, the share count had again increased 195,852,000, before a second reverse split, this time at the rate of one for 19,000, reduced that number to 10,308 shares outstanding. Seven weeks later, that number has increased to 106,517,609. The two reverse splits had the effect of a one for 27 million rollback. Since September of 2007, the cumulative effects of four reverse splits would have left the owner of 270,000,000,000,000 shares nine years ago with one share today.

After all this hocus pocus and robbing of the public, the company still reports little in the way of assets or operations.

In between the two most recent reverse splits, INCT was the subject of two pump and dump campaigns and those left holding those shares were wiped out. There is no reason to believe that current buyers of stock won't be subjected to the same fate.