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How the Crybabies Can Decrease the
Likelihood of Future Republican Presidents

Trump not your President?  Yeah, he really is, but we offer up some advice to those who feel that the Electoral College is unfair (it's really not).

November 14, 2016:  For days now, upset Liberals, many of who are self-entitled, self-righteous, spoiled brats who've never worked a real job, have been protesting Donald Trump's win as President. While their concern may have some real foundation--we remind you that we did not support Trump-- their goals are unclear.  Nothing is going to change the election result, and Trump has not done anything yet.  So who are the protesters really pissed at? The answer is that the Liberals are angry at those who dare to disagree with them.

Now we'll acknowledge that if Clinton had won, Trump hooligans would have been the ones out on the street inflicting property damage and tying up traffic on busy city streets. But we surely would have seen pleas from President Obama for calm. Once again, Obama is nowhere to be heard when the streets are filled with rioters. Is this leadership?

The Electoral College has been been designated as the culprit for the defeat of Clinton. According to the sore losers, popular vote should be the deciding factor in elections, not an "archaic" system designed over 200 years ago.  Even Trump has previously called for the elimination of the Electoral College that has now put him into power.

We disagree.  The Electoral College is, in fact, a brilliant system designed to guarantee that all States and voters matter.  It's far from perfect, but few things in politics or government are.

The easiest way to understand (if one wants to) the importance of the Electoral College is to look at the 2016 map of EC votes.

Clearly Trump red States overwhelm the Clinton blue States in numbers.  Trumps triumph is even more overwhelming when we look at the distribution of votes by county.

Evidently, the Clinton supporters are very concentrated in small sections of the country, generally the higher populated cities. With the map of the per county distribution of votes, it becomes evident that if popular vote were to decide the matter, then Los Angeles and New York would almost always pick the President. The rest of the nation would be disaffected and disregarded.  Oklahoma would never see a Presidential candidate campaigning there again. Similarly, so-called pork programs would all be steered towards these high population cities. These cities are where the real diversity exists and why the rest of the country is unaffected/ignorant/indifferent of the issues important and that Liberals, who also not so coincidentally tend to congregate in these cities, hold so dear. But do we really want to disaffect that part of the country that feeds us and provides us with energy and other natural resources?

Wisconsin was the perfect example of how a pure democracy would neglect smaller States.  Clinton completely ignored the State during the general campaign and for the first time since 1992, the State went Republican. Wisconsin had a voice that would not have been heard if only popular vote mattered.

The Electoral College system, though imperfect, is necessary for a nation as diverse, large and splintered as modern-day America.  It represents the true genius of America’s founding fathers.

It is important to understand that the United States is not a democracy although it is democratic (small "d"). It is a republic. It is actually critical for Americans to recognize the difference.

As history has proven, unchecked democracies are among the worst forms of human government ever devised by man. Majority rule means minority ruled.  A pure democracy, governed by popular vote, enables mob rule. Hitler came to power by means of a pure democracy and in the case of Nazi Germany, majority rule equated to mob rule and culminated with millions of minorities being viciously murdered by the bloodthirsty mob of the majority.

The United States is a collection of fifty independent states that have voluntarily united to form a Republic built upon the rule of law as opposed to the current whim of the people. The States formed the federal government, not the other way around and the States were to be viewed upon as partners. 

The average lifespan of nations with true democracies is less than a half-century, whereas the American Republic has lasted for 240 years. In a Republic, the majority of the people do not always get their way. That is the saving grace of the United States.  Law presides over what can be the misguided will of the people.  Had Germany been a true Republic with laws as the United States has, the German "fad" of hating Jews would likely not have led to the near extermination of the race.

Parliamentary forms of government such as those in Canada and the United Kingdom are are also not true democracies. Both countries have had governments which were not elected by popular vote.

The bottom line is that small cross sections of the country cannot be allowed to govern a nation as large as the United States. So how do Liberals legally enforce their views upon a country as vast as the United States without stepping on their rights?

The answer is simple: Stop whining and throwing inconsequential tantrums. Move!

No, we are not advocating that Liberals move out of the country. We are saying that if you want the rest of the nation to be affected by the issues important to you, get out of New York, New England and California. Spread out! Settle among the farmers in Oklahoma, the oil workers in Texas and the miners in Pennsylvania.  There are plenty of you over-entitled, secret handshaking, ivy league elitists in California to spare, so go out there and live among the "unwashed".  That way, you'll infiltrate these States and cancel out their votes with your leftist views.

Of course the danger is that you might begin to understand the issues that are important to those living in these States. Then you might gain some of the same compassion you accuse others of lacking.