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KOSK Pumped Into Oblivion

August 28, 2016: The relentless pumping of One Step Vending Corp. (KOSK) enters Week 8 on Monday, having well proved that the ticker is nothing more than a share dumping scheme. Almost every promoter in the book has been called upon to expose its subscribers and with the exception of one day, shares have closed lower with each day's promotion. Since the July 11 launch of the pump and dump campaign, KOSK's share price has dropped 86%, while a 2.3% increase in the number of shares issued and outstanding was reported during the course of the hype. in a devious move, obviously designed to obfuscate the actual number of shares issued, the August 19th report only reveals the number of shares out as of June 30th. We'd bet that there is an even bigger increase that is been hidden from the public, as evidenced by the endless dumping of shares.

KOSK Chart - July 11, - August 26, 2016
That KOSK is a scam is not exactly news. It's long been the subject of pump and dump campaigns going back to its days as Rewards Nexus, Inc. (ERNI) and beyond. The latest change in symbol, company name and pretend line of business occurred concurrently with a one for 100 reverse split, the fourth such rollback in 9 1/2 years--effectively a one for 100 million exchange-- and the fifth name and symbol change over the same period.

For all the money it purportedly burned, KOSK has less than $100K in tangible assets and eleven times that in liabilities so expect much more in the way dilution, more reverse splits, and a continued raping of the public at large.