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TBEV Churns Out Paper Day and Night

July 21, 2016: Another pump and dump campaign launches on shares of High Performance Beverages Co. (TBEV) as printing presses produce fresh certificates faster than rabbits multiply. Following a one for 100 reverse split in February--the second rollback of shares in a year--the number of shares outstanding has increased from the 115,253,090 figure reported on April 20, 2016 to 1,564,595,954 as reported on July 11, an increase of 1356% in just 82 days. From the company's own financials, very little value was received for these new shares. Any funds generated were used to line management's pockets as "compensation"

If TBEV was an actual operation, it would be insolvent. The company boasts $21,377 in assets and a whopping $6.8 million in liabilities even after printing all those certificates. With only $5,808 in revenues produced in the latest reported quarter from $285K in operating expenses, management is not exactly running an efficient operation. For this stellar performance, $131,350 in compensation was paid out during the quarter.

The situation doesn't look to improve anytime soon. But then they again, perhaps they are not supposed to improve. After all, there appear to be plenty of pigeons willing to feed on worthless TBEV shares anyway. They are bound to be rewarded with yet another reverse split in the coming months.