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Prominent Pump & Dump Attorney Luke Zouvas
Charged by the SEC for Market Manipulation

Long time attorney of fraudulent companies is finally called to the carpet

April 27, 2016: San Diego attorney, Luke Zouvas, whose representation and participation in companies designed to defraud the public is well established, has been charged by the SEC for market manipulation while engaging in a pump and dump scheme.

The allegations against six defendants were made in dual complaints that were filed on April 25th and announced today. These included claims that Zouvas assisted in hiding the fact that fellow defendant, Christopher Larson, held controlling interest in the shares of Crown Dynamics Corp. (CDYY) and then participated in manipulative trades in his own account to create the appearance of buying interest in the stock. Shares of CDYY were the subject of promotion campaigns during 2012, after which the company's name and symbol were changed to the current Airway Labs Corp. (AIRW) and promoted anew. OTCmarkets continues to identify Zouvas as AIRW's Legal Counsel.

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Among the several wrongdoings by Zouvas as alleged in the complaint, he created several false stock purchase agreements including one in which he purportedly purchased 87,500 shares of AIRW for $2,000. According to the SEC, Zouvas never paid for those shares nor did he receive them under the phony purchase agreement. The purported seller of the shares never communicated with Zouvas or actually owned the shares, but found her signature forged on a stock certificate anyway. Zouvas himself directed the Transfer Agent to transfer those shares to his name. Within his instruction letter to the TA, Zouvas wrote, “We certify that these shares have been validly purchased by the following parties,” which included himself. The statement was a lie because Zouvas did not purchase the shares referred to in the letter, and the stated owner did not sell the shares. Zouvas eventually realize over $10,000 in gains from the sales of the stock in addition to his legal fees and other payments.

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Luke Zouvas has played an integral role in several valueless companies that have been the subject of a wide assortment of pump and dump campaigns. He is a former partner of Wade Huettel and fugitive attorney Luis Carillo, whose firm Carillo Huettel, LLP were deeply connected to the Awesome Penny Stocks fraud schemes and was itself named as a defendant on securities fraud related charges. Huettel maintains an office at Zouvas' current firm, Zouvas & Associates, LLP.  That firm's website was taken offline after the charges were announced.