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Promoter Boasts About Getting Followers
Into Halted and Indicted Scam

September 21, 2015: Nothing illustrates the shamelessness of email stock touts better than the self-promoting offering issued by Aim High Profits, a lightly followed email newsletter whose masters are obviously looking for more subscribers and customers.

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In its attempt to lure more followers, AHP claims to no longer accept compensation for its picks without disclosing how it will make money. Either the tout is lying (very possible) and/or it will go into the front running business (equally possible), acquiring shares in the issues it promotes before the promotion commences.

The email goes on to provide a link to a CNBC video of a 2014 piece in which the network ponders the promotion of CYNK Technology Corp. (CYNK). Unable to come up with any other answers, CNBC did find AHP's jump-on-the-band-wagon comments on CYNK and referred to them in its commentary on CYNK's rise in share price.

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AHP has decided to wear this notoriety as a badge of honor. For those penny players who were visiting Jupiter at the time the CYNK scam was in heat, trading was suspended by the SEC on June 11, 2014, just as the share price had topped out, leaving bag holders with millions in losses.

During the course of this year, several conspirators have been indicted and arrested to answer for the CYNK stock manipulation, including notorious penny stock criminals, Gregg Mulholland, Robert Bandfield and Philip Kueber. Co-conspirator, Cem "Jim" Can is reportedly cowering in a corner of Turkey, attempting to avoid arrest.

Rather than apologize for luring its few followers into the shares of what was always an obvious scam, Aim High Profits has chosen to make light of its 5 seconds of fame on CNBC, losses be damned. This is truly a despicable act typical of the anything-for-a-buck mentality of stock promoters.