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RKOS Participates In the Pump & Dump of Its Own Stock

August 24, 2015:  Arkose Energy Corp. (RKOS), a first time Pump & Dump subject is at least cooperating with, if not actually funding, the promotion campaign which launches this morning.

The promotional emails from Stock Chat, LLC began appearing in Inboxes on Saturday and continued throughout the weekend on this issuer which has not filed a financial report since the Quarterly for the period ending February 28, 2015, making it a candidate for imminent designation as "delinquent". In that report, RKOS reported tangible assets of just over than $3,000 in cash, $272K in liabilities and $23K in revenues with only $35K in operating expenses, all of which went to consulting fees concocted as a means to create more stock. In other words, there is no real operation here, and this fresh promotion is singly intended to facilitate the dumping of insider stock.

RKOS' cooperation in the Pump & Dump is evident by this morning's pre-market press release, the company's first in two months, announcing the company's intent to move into the natural gas market with oil at historically low levels.  In the meantime, Stock Chat claims that it has singled out RKOS as a "chart play", a strange claim considering that until today the ticker has traded by appointment.

This scam could not be any more transparent and it would be foolish to believe that only 22,464,715 shares are issued and outstanding, as last reported by the company in April.