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Big Money Mike PUGEs All Over Front-loaders

July 17, 2015: Twitter promoter, Big Money Mike, has done it again with his pump on Puget Technologies (PUGE), yet another massively dumped ticker straight out of the gate. It's easy to see that trading in PUGE is mimicking BMM's previous two campaigns on CNCT and IGEX.

IGEX Chart During Big Money Mike Pump
Our review of BMM's pump on IGEX is here.

CNCT Chart During Big Money Mike Pump

Our review of BMM's pump on CNCT is here.

PUGE Chart During Opening Two Days of Big Money Mike Pump

With the PUGE campaign, BMM has taken down a bunch of front-loaders. These are the pigeons who BMM tipped off to the campaign.  These "privileged" have evidently not learned from past BMM promotions and were likely buying stock from BMM himself, who looks to have purchased shares ahead of the other front-loaders.

That front-loading had occurred was unquestionable. In addition to the rumors of his "pick" that were circulating around cyberspace since July 14, a look at trading in PUGE in the days ahead of BMM's July 16 "release" makes that clear.

Trading in PUGE in the Days Ahead of Big Money Mike's July 16 Pump

Certainly, most of those picking up shares on July 13 and 14 were caught with their pants down. But what about the stock that was bought on July 9 and 10?  We'd bet that those shares were picked up by BMM himself, who happily dumped them on suckers that he then tipped off, full well knowing that the stock would tank right from his announcement.

BMM naturally blames shorts for the tanking of PUGE:

While we maintain that the shorting of penny stocks is never the reason for the tanking of a promoted ticker, we tend to agree with BMM that shorting of PUGE has occurred and we point the finger at BMM as the shorter. Yes, while he was pumping PUGE, we think he was shorting as much stock as he could at 6 - 10 cents. By 9:46am PUGE shares, after opening at 9.8 cents and immediately topping out at 10 cents, had broken 6 cents with 26% of the day's volume already executed. Somebody slammed the stock hard right out of the gate. That person was likely BMM. Otherwise, why wouldn't the sellers have hit the stock when it traded in the 10 cent range the day before?

Now of course BMM claims he has been buying stock:

But BMM has already proven to be a liar on many occasions. Nothing is a better demonstration of his dishonesty than this video.

It truly is mind boggling that there is anybody left to fall for Big Money Mike's con jobs.