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After Weeks of Self-Pumping HJOE Gets Tagged With a Stop Sign

May 27, 2015: Just as predicted on our Twitter feed yesterday, OTCmarkets slapped a Stop Sign on Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation (HJOE), indicating a status of "Pink No Information". The action was taken as a result of HJOE's blatant disregard for the well-being of its shareholders, as is evident by the company's lack of financial disclosure for a period now covering 8 months.

The ticker could just as easily have been tagged with the Skull and Crossbones, the designation of a "Caveat Emptor" status, solely on the company's obnoxious pumping of its shares through its own Twitter feed.  HJOE has shown no tolerance for detractors, many of whom were concerned with the delinquent financials, nor has it offered any substantive counter arguments or explanations. Consistent with its unprofessional demeanor, the company even blasted our Janice Shell for her factual report on the past misdeeds of insiders and the company's questionable financing methods. For several days, HJOE has been tweeting messages worthy of a 12 year old such as this less-than-intelligent anecdote:

It's difficult to imagine that any serious investor could consider throwing money at a public company whose management finds it appropriate to bully an adult who doesn't tolerate the theft of the other kids' lunch money. What should be even more disconcerting is that the seriously delinquent financials brings into question the total number of shares outstanding: a question that nobody seems to be asking. We will bet that if the financials ever do get filed (and that is a BIG if), that number will come as a shock even to those who provide the company unconditional love.

Interestingly, the company has not yet commented on the deprecating Stop Sign or its lack of financials.  We find that telling since management seems to find the time to tweet dozens of times a day about redundant minutiae.