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TLPY Shares Dive As Details of Lawsuit
and CEO's Advance Knowledge Are Revealed

March 16, 2015: Shares of Telupay International, Inc. (TLPY) took a pounding today, as news about a lawsuit against the promotion spread. According to well-known anti-Penny Stock Fraud activist, George Sharp, he had been contacted by TLPY CEO, Adrian Ansell, shortly after Sharp sent an advance copy of the freshly filed lawsuit to Attorney Daniel Dex, of McMillan, LLP, a Vancouver, Canada law firm. Sharp says that he waited to receive a file stamped copy with case number from the court before making the complaint public.

According to Sharp's Twitter feed, TLPY had known about the litigation as early as last Monday. Sharp claims that Ansell contacted him shortly after becoming aware of the lawsuit and offered money to resolve the dispute. When Sharp insisted that Ansell publicly disavow the Pump & Dump campaign, discussions ended.

Sharp Press Release Regarding Lawsuit
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Sharp also posted an image of a press release announcing the lawsuit against; publisher Amerada Corp.; financier Laluna Services; TLPY; as well as past Pump & Dump subjects: Ecrypt Technologies (ECRY), Alkame Holdings (ALKM), Well Power, Inc. (WPWR) and Tiger Oil and Energy (TGRO). At this time, it does not appear that the press release has been disseminated by the wire services.

The entire scenario created suspicion that the perpetrators of the TLPY scam dumped shares en masse in the well-founded anticipation of a rush for the exits as word of the lawsuit spread.  Lawsuits initiated by Sharp in the past have created an urgency for retail stockholders to divest themselves of their positions. These actions have undoubtedly had a hand in the demise of major stock promoters Stock Castle, Awesome Penny Stocks and Best Damn Penny Stocks, the latter two of which have since seen prominent figures indicted on securities fraud charges.

TLPY shares are now firmly entrenched in the red, as the price closed well below the Pump & Dump campaign's launch price following today's 54% drop. This scheme was doomed to struggle from the beginning after concerns from a company director were made public by us in a report to Full Access subscribers.

This is the second Pump & Dump campaign in less than a year to face adversity early on. Last May, thousands of traders in Pingify, Inc. (PGFY) were left holding the bag after the CFO's public denouncement of the scheme led to an early suspension in trading of shares. We believe that the very same scenario may pay itself out with TLPY.

In the meantime, this could be the final whimper for and its schemes, as the hot breath of the SEC must surely be felt on the back of some unscrupulous necks.