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TCPS Becomes AAWC to Mask
Two Years Of Lies and Pump & Dump Campaigns

March 17, 2015: Today marks the opening day of pumping and dumping for shares of Alexandria Advantage Warranty Company (AAWC), after the listing subjected itself to seven campaigns under its previous moniker, TechnoConcepts, Inc (TCPS).

As TCPS, investors witnessed the number of shares issued and outstanding grow from 96 million to 5.9 billion in just 17 months.  Not surprisingly, the share price dropped from $.0257 to zero over that time, when no less that seven promotion campaigns were executed to find future bag holders. The premise for all those campaigns was that TCPS was going to pretend to enter the marijuana game, and pretend it did, as it soon changed its mind leaving suckers errr believers stuck with worthless paper.

TCPS Chart Prior to Becoming AAWC

The reward for the faithful? A one for 8500 reverse split to accompany the name and symbol change, effectively wiping out them out of their holdings and leaving them about $3 million lighter in their pockets.

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Now as AAWC, the the pumping and dumping game resumes as presumably will the dilution-a-thon. After all, it would take a giant leap of stupidity to believe that the real intent here is any different just because management put lipstick on a pig, especially when the now former CEO, Jose Saurez still owns the lion's share of stock.