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Final Nail Hammered Into FITX's Coffin

In the end, Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) was always more about lining Bill Chaaban's pockets than becoming a major marijuana producer. Sure, a license to grow pot would have been a bonus, but isn't it nice that Chaaban came out a winner anyway? And the real motive was evident to anybody with a grain of sanity.  Unfortunately, those with pie-in-the-sky eyes--standard equipment on most penny players--rarely have that single grain.

The evidence was in the endless lies. Lies about CEN Biotech's relationships with Health Canada. Lies about CEN's popularity in Lakeshore. Lies in SEC filings. Heck, there were even lies about the Intent to Refuse letter received from Health Canada.

We and several other publications screamed out warnings.  We published several reports with ample evidence of shenanigans. But then again, we are nothing but "bashers", aren't we?  Well at least we've never lost a dime on penny stocks.

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Those lost money on shares shouldn't blame Health Canada.  They had no choice. By the ministry's own title, it is their responsibility to look after the health of their own people.  And how do you entrust the cultivation of a drug in the hands of a habitual fibber?  Health Canada did their job.  Sadly, the SEC did not. And people will now suffer. True the covenant of "caveat emptor" dictates that the stuckees accept responsibility, especially when the con was so blatant. But it is still illegal to con the people. Even the stupid.

So what now?  Well it is likely that FITX will gloss over this development, as it had when the refusal letter first became known.  It will turn its attention to the next carrot dangling in front of the suckers' noses, as it already has started with its inevitably doomed lineup of beverages. And much like the CMKX cult members, those myopic about the reality will claim that FITX got a raw deal.

Well at least Job One was accomplished and Bill Chaaban thanks everybody who contributed to his new-found affluent lifestyle.