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EXCLUSIVE: Why the TLPY Promotion May Have a Short Life

Thinking of scalping a few bucks off of StockTips' new scam?  You better read this before you get left holding the bag!

March 8, 2014: Late Friday, Telupay International (TLPY) was announced as the new subject of stock manipulator,'s, ongoing efforts to defraud the public. The ticker's share price surged as expected on the hope that the average street flipper might make a few bucks on the coattails of the fraudsters who MIGHT have stood to make millions.

We say "might" because we believe that this scam may only survive a couple of days or maybe even just a few hours into Monday's session. We have exclusive information leading us to believe that TLPY could be the subject of an immediate investigation and perhaps consequences. We reveal that information below, but first more on this scam.

By there own reporting, TLPY is insolvent. Financials filed on February 23, 2015, list less than $40K in tangible assets and $3.3 million in liabilities. Latest quarterly revenues were $58,136, enough to reduce operating losses for the quarter to $460,058.  The company has no way to compensate for these losses other than to issue new stock as it has in the past.  Anybody foolish enough to believe that this company has a future should stop reading now and go buy as much stock as their bank account can possibly tolerate.  The smarter of you should read on.

This is not the first Pump & Dump campaign on TLPY although it is intended to be the most aggressive. Unlike most other StockTips promotions of tickers whose shares have been tightly held by insiders, there is plenty of stock on the street.  This alone should limit or slow increases in share price as longer term shareholders take the money and run.

TLPY was begat from a merger between the public I-Level Media Group, then trading as ticker (ILVL) and the privately held Telupay. Following the hijacking of the previously defaulted corporation, ILVL had been the subject of a Pump & Dump scheme of its own right and had been involved in litigation for non payment of debt.

The most recent Pump & Dump campaign was run through Laurie Mazzarella's Microcap Innovations, which was reported as the compensator of newsletters participating in the pump. Mazzarella is a long time penny stock crook with close connections to Stock Mister's Rafael Pereira, brothers Michael and Andrew Affa, who have been charged with securities fraud, and former penny stock promotion tycoon Anthony Amado. Not surprisingly Periera's "Stock Mister" and Freedom Ventures' dozen newsletters--which were formerly owned by the Affa brothers before they were charged with securities fraud--including "Rising Penny Stocks", were among the 59 newsletters that promoted TLPY over the four day campaign of October 2014. With share prices dropping from 38 cents to 15.5 cents over the course of the four day pump, the market cap sank from $61.4 million to $25.7 million. In actual fact, the company has a value of zero.

TLPY Chart over the period of October's Four Day Pump & Dump Campaign
So what to expect from the StockTips campaign to defraud? Normally, one might expect periods of resurgence before the absolute and final fall from grace, as illustrated by these charts of past StockTips promotions. Friday's late action certainly suggested that this pump would follow one of these patterns:

ECRY Chart Resulting from StockTips Promotion

WPWR Chart Resulting from StockTips Promotion 

TGRO Chart Resulting from StockTips Promotion

PGLO Chart Resulting from StockTips Promotion
However there is one StockTips promotion from 2014 that is missing from the above series of charts and is the one belonging to Pingify (PFGY). That one had already begun the customary pattern of extreme peaks and valleys when a sudden and unexpected SEC imposed trading suspension just seven trading days into the Pump & Dump campaign, put a halt to the scheme.

PGFY Chart Resulting from StockTips Promotion
The suspension was prompted by a PGFY officer who wrote to the SEC asking them to investigate the promotion just one day after we published our report on the scam. That officer made his letter to the SEC publicly available through a press release. Days later, the SEC imposed the suspension.


Over the course of this weekend, a TLPY director approached us by email and expressed concern for the well being of the investing public. We positively confirmed the identity of this director, but in the interest of encouraging other whistleblowers, will allow him the opportunity to publicly identify himself at his convenience. We referred the director to an individual who could provide guidance on the best way of making concerns known to the proper authorities. We have since been led to believe that the individual has submitted, or is about to submit, a letter to the SEC similar to the one written by the officer of PGFY. We are also understand that the director is being encouraged to issue a press release. This could lead to dire consequences for shareholders of TLPY as it did for those owning PGFY.

Those who choose to roll the dice in spite of all the information we've provided could easily crap out.