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EVLI Entrenches Itself In Criminality
While Thumbing Its Nose At Shareholders

Everlert, Inc. pulls a fast one by executing an unannounced reverse split and expanding its criminal connections.

February 13, 2015: Just when you thought that a scam couldn't be more exposed, out comes Everlert, Inc. (EVLI) and (EVLID) continuing to thumb its nose at shareholders.

Three days ago, without any warning, the company scorched its retail shareholder base by rolling back their holding through a one for six reverse split. The already exposed bag holders would have only discovered this unfunny prank by looking at their accounts. The company waited until the end of the first day of trading under this recapitalization, before providing the public with the courtesy of a comment.

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According to an after-the-close press release, the reverse split was effected, "in order to improve the corporate structure, increase eligibility for listing on a higher exchange, and broaden the Company's shareholder base by being recognized by a broader group of investors".  This is of course, nothing but BS, as will be well evidenced by imminent new stock issuances leading to further dumping. Rest assured the share price will quickly degrade back to pre-split prices.

EVLI Chart Since Inception of the Scam
The real intent of the rollback was to decrease if not eliminate the holdings of the past bag holders, making it more difficult for them to join in with any significance on the next dump fest.

The company also claims to have established subsidiaries in the real estate and financial management industries.  We wouldn't expect any more substance within those schemes than with the previously announced entertainment subsidiary. That scheme fell apart with the murder charges brought against rap personality Suge Knight, a personal friend of EVLI Director, Mark Blankenship. It is likely that EVLI puts all its eggs in the Suge Knight basket. Knight now faces a possible life time sentence under California's three strike rule.

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That Suge Knight is a dubious character is not exactly news.  However EVLI management thought nothing of proudly exposing the company to his nefarious ways when it committed corporate funds to posting bail towards his release on charges of robbery.  The entertainment division's reliance on Suge Knight's freedom to ensure its viability was reiterated by its own statement;
Everlert Entertainment posted bail in the amount of $500,000 on behalf for Rap Mogul Suge Knight as part of its ongoing efforts to create a comprehensive Joint Venture with Suge Knight in various entertainment projects.
Blankenship's commitment to his friend is well established. Here is a video of Blankenshp defending his buddy following Knight's bail hearing on the murder charges. This idiot must believe that Suge is the unluckiest guy in the world.

Courtesy of kattalestv

Robert L. Hymers
EVLI's willingness to jump into bed with this oft-charged thug should not come as a surprise. Management is well saturated with characters who could have easily served time themselves. As we previously detailed in this report, Blankenship himself is a disgraced lawyer who was on the cusp of being disbarred before he resigned from the State Bar in order to save himself from that embarrassment. Meanwhile, former EVLI President and current Director, Robert L. Hymers, pled his way out of a criminal record stemming from a credit fraud scheme by blowing the whistle on his partner-in-crime, former baseball great, Lenny Dykstra. The details of that scheme were reported in our first advisory on EVLI about a year ago.

With EVLI well established as a criminal enterprise, we'll watch to see what characters are bought in to run the newly announced real estate and financials subsidiaries. Perhaps Tony Papa is looking for work.