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"Bottom Bouncer" Alerts Abound
as MSPC Prepares to Hit Rock Bottom...Again

In spite of the touts' endless prognostications of a bottom, Metrospaces continues to spiral its way to zero.

February 9, 2015: Rarely has the characterization, "beating a dead horse", been more apropos than when applied to the relentless haranguing that the touts employ to convince pigeons to throw even more of their money away on Pump & Dump scam, Metrospaces, Inc. (MSPC).
What we have here is a classic example that averaging down is always a bad idea in the penny markets.  Better to take losses and lick one's wounds than to throw good money after bad.
Insiders' intentions could not be more clear, as the number of shares outstanding had already reached 846,666,883 on November 27, 2014, just four weeks after a one for 500 reverse split had cut the number to just 5,630,466, wiping out the suckers that had previously been taken by the scheme. Who knows how many additional shares were issued in the ten weeks since that last quarterly filing, but we'd bet that total current number of issued and outstanding shares is closing in on the 2,815,233,174 number reported at the time of the rollback. With the stock almost at zero, expect yet another shareholder-sodomizing reverse split at any time.

Those ignoring or not paying attention to the pain inflicted upon investors in the not too distant past were quick to acquire their same malady. Just a month after the reverse split, shares had dropped from the post rollback price of a dime to just six tenths of a penny. Since the current Pump & Dump campaign was launched on January 13th, shares have dropped another 90% to their current level of $.0006 in spite of almost daily pumping by one newsletter or another. That decline took less than a month, during which time well over 100 million shares have been dumped onto the street, clearly indicating that insiders are prepared to take anything they can get for their shares.

MSPC Chart Over the Current Pump & Dump Campaign
Today, Freedom Ventures' posse of a dozen newsletters including Rising Penny Stocks, promises us once again that MSPC is likely a "bottom bouncer", a far-fetched proposition, even with shares hovering just microns above zero. This is the third time that this group has urged us to buy this crap and just two trading days removed from its declaration that MSPC was on "High Alert" at a time that it was trading at $.0018. In case you are no good at fractions, the stock has dropped 66% in the two days since that "High Alert".  Apparently, Freedom Ventures doesn't care how much money their subscribers lose. Not that they are the only touts to blame. At least 45 newsletters have enticed their subscribers to flush money down the MSPC toilet.
What brings one to scratch his head is the penny players' lack of attention to MSPC detail. The company truly does nothing, reporting no revenues EVER, and listing some questionable investments including a down payment on property as its asset. The company last reported a resounding $297 in the bank. Even if we were to take the reported assets at face value--which we most certainly do not--MSPC's book value is negative. Those demographics certainly explain why investors have lost at least $15 million in shares of MSPC over the course of the ten separate Pump & Dump campaign imposed on this ticker since August 2013. Over that time the share price has dropped from a split adjusted 50 bucks a share to its current level.
You can beat that dead horse all you want, it's still ain't gonna cross the finish line.