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TCPS All But Admits That It's a Scam

After admitting that their marijuana plans were a bunch of hokum, TechnoConcepts expects the street to buy shares in support of their next venture...whatever it is

December 5, 2014: TechnoConcepts, Inc. (TCPS) launches an aggressive Pump & Dump campaign today, the 7th such "promotion" in the last 16 months.  TCPS is a willing participant to the Pump & Dump campaign as evidenced by the release of today's announcement of its intention to acquire another company. That press release comes several hours after at least 23 newsletters issued buy recommendations for today's session.  In other words, the touts knew that this morning's press release was coming. That's illegal.

Izzy Zalcberg
The Pump & Dump campaign also comes almost 3 months after TCPS issued a "just kidding" announcement that it wasn't really entering the marijuana industry in spite of several press releases, like this April 1, 2014 announcement, touting TCPS's foray into the penny market's de rigueur of last spring. In an obvious effort to boost its share price, TCPS went as far as to announce that Izzy Zalcberg was buying up shares of the stock. Zalcberg is famous for making millions flipping the shares of phony marijuana penny stocks. Predictably, the pigeons lined up to take part in Zalcberg's latest fairy tale.

The marijuana "prank" cost the street plenty, as a billion new shares were created over the next several months much of which has already been dumped onto the street. Billions of shares traded over April and May, the first two months of the ruse, taking advantage of the euphoria of suckers buying into anything pretending to be marijuana related. Certain beneficiaries of the scheme, presumably including Zalcberg, lined their pockets at the expense of these dupes.

TCPS One Year Chart

TCPS's newest announcement doesn't look to be anymore aboveboard than its previous phony marijuana claims. The press release could not be more vague as to the acquisition, saying only that it, "has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire the assets and ongoing business of another company". Not only does it not identify the company, but we are apparently not entitled to know in what industry this fantasy takes part. All we are privy to is that a 60 day due diligence period is forthcoming. Expect the carrot to be held in front of the donkeys that will trade this scam over that 60 day period, resulting in the creation of even more stock and likely followed by a reverse split, thus putting said donkeys out to pasture.