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WIIM's Dane Peterson Sodomizes His Shareholders---Again!

July 16, 2014: In about as under-the-radar move as you will ever see, Mining Minerals of Mexico (WIIM) head honcho, Dane Peterson, is executing a one for 100 reverse split tomorrow, July 17, and changing the name of the company to Aurum Resource and Asset Management, Inc. With the move, shares will begin trading under the symbol WIIMD for a period of 30 days, and you can bet that some time after that, an entirely new symbol with be requested and granted.

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The changes come without Peterson providing the courtesy of notice to his shareholders, many of whom had stock foisted upon them through a series of lie-filled Pump & Dump campaigns over recent months. The stock's performance over the course of the promotions was miserable, in spite of a massive effort that included mailers like this pack of lies. Little interest could be garnered in a project that had already taken investors to the cleaners once before, when it was touted in shares of Crowne Ventures Inc., Peterson's previous fraud. Even so, those who continue to hold shares are likely to see their losses widen considerably.

WIIM Chart

That there is no press release announcing what amounts to a sodomizing of the shareholders is not a surprise, since WIIM hasn't issued a single PR in just over a year. Unsuspecting shareholders will awaken tomorrow trying to under stand why 1,000 shares have suddenly become 10.

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The moves are an obvious attempt to retool; putting lipstick on the proverbial pig's face in attempt to make future Pump & Dump efforts more attractive to the sucker public.

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Peterson may find some additional resistance to his upcoming plans other than that which will be created by what are sure to be forthcoming articles by whistleblowers like us. Several past penny stock frauds which have used "Aurum" in their company names have been doomed to failure, including; Aurum Resources Corp (ARMP); Aurum Explorations, Inc. (ARMX)--which was recently suspended by the SEC; and, Aurum Gold Mines, Inc. (AUGO).