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Promotions 101
What Those Two-Faced Touts Really Mean

Yes, those stock pimping, garbage promoting, lying, stinking, two faced touts do all seem to regurgitate the same metaphors, similes and other cheerleading lines of BS over and over again. So for those of you new to the scuzzy world of penny stock pumping and dumping, here is a Jive to English translation guide for you.

What They Said What They Mean
My new pick is-- This is the ticker I've been paid to pump or own shares in
I'm delaying my pick because (a) I don't like the way it is acting (b) I haven't completed my research (c) because I say so I'm delaying my pick because I haven't been paid yet
This is a bottom bouncer Shares have been getting clobbered during the ongoing promotion or in a past promotion
We feel a heavy wave is coming Massive dumping is in the offing
Get it before its too late There is still a lot of stock that needs to be dumped
The shorts attacked Insiders hit the bids
Monster/Huge/Game changing news out The company is trying to support the pump and dump by issuing some BS press release that really says a whole lot of nothing
Start your DD now Read the press releases and ignore the fact that the company has no money, revenues or prospects; or better yet, just take our word for it
Low float monster The company hasn't updated its public float figures but expect that there will be a lot more shares on the street after this pump and dump
My pick of the year Until I make my next pick
A past winner A previous pump that gapped up at the open to trap early buyers and could do so again
Redemption pick There is no way for me to sugarcoat the performance of my last pick and I hope my next one won't be such an obvious a scam
I am scanning the markets I am waiting for someone to hire me
I came across this ticker I've been hired to pump this ticker
I am conducting due diligence on my next pick I am waiting for the check to arrive
Today's pick has been cancelled because I saw some suspicious activity The check never arrived
Momentum play I am at least the 40th tout to pump this same garbage this week
This ticker could bounce This ticker is lower in spite of the promotion and still could be headed lower
Savvy traders know I am counting on you not to be too savvy
Analyst issues buy recommendation I wasn't the only one who got paid to hype this crap
Once in a lifetime opportunity There's plenty more where this came from
--should be on your radar Watch the opening gap up and chase the stock
All eyes are on this ticker Shares are getting pumped to death
The talk of Wall Street Wall Street can't believe that there are people stupid enough to buy this
Warren Buffet is all over these shares I have a cat named Warren Buffet and he is lying on my certs
We have not been compensated We want you to believe that there is nothing in this pump for us
Our pick is already soaring The ticker we are pumping was manipulated into a gap opening
Don't forget that one of my recent picks saw tremendous gains Do forget that my picks before and after that pick saw tremendous losses
This stock could run It's been a horrible performer up to the present
Technical indicators indicate a buy We will make up any BS in order to get you to buy this crap
A breakout is pending The stock is doing nothing right now
A buying opportunity The stock is getting creamed
My research is almost complete The check is about to clear
The bottom is in It's probably going lower
Stock is up on news Stock is temporarily up due to the Pump & Dump campaign
The stock went up just as we predicted Enough hype was created to draw in plenty of pigeons
Our winning streak continues The lies about our performance continue
Our record speaks for itself Our record speaks for itself