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FITX v The Wolf of Weed Street:
Two Idiots At War Equals A Hilarious Video

July 29, 2014:  There are two idiots at war.  No we are not talking about Hamas v Israel where one party is trying to defend itself and preempt the terrorist activities of the other. We are talking about Creative Edge Nutrition's (FITX) moronic CEO, Bill Chabaan--who this month returned to posting on Facebook after being exiled by his own company--v The Wolf of Weed Street and a battle to maximize profits from the public's ridiculous appetite for marijuana plays--phony, overvalued or otherwise.

The Wolf, whose Twitter feed cult following has enabled this "masked man" to reap incredible riches, uses colorful language and does not hide his disdain for detractors, affecting his credibility and perceptions about his maturity. In the past, he merely needed to mention a ticker and his disciples flocked to the market to scoop up millions of shares. The more recent performance of marijuana plays has, of course, cost many of his sheep a lot of money. Fortitude Group (FRTD) was one issue pushed hard by The Wolf--there are reports that the SEC is investigating that he was illegally paid in stock by Company President Tom Parilla in exchange for his endorsement --and that company has since been suspended from trading by the SEC.

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Chabaan's Apology For His
Unprofessional Behavior
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The first rocket in the Chabaan - Wolf battle was launch by The Wolf who tweeted legitimate questions about whether declines in FITX's share price were the result of the dumping of shares by insiders who had recently been relieved of trading restrictions on billions of shares. These insiders were purportedly friends and family of Chabaan. Bill's return volley consisted of threats posted on Facebook suggesting that The Wolf's trades were about to be scrutinized by the SEC. That post has since been removed, as is common practice with Chabaan's bellyaching posts, and replaced by an apology for his antics.

All this "nanny boo" has prompted The Wolf to create a hilarious video, portraying Chabaan as Adolph Hitler trying to sell his shares of FITX. While it may or may not accurately express Chabaan's attitude towards his shareholders (note tongue in cheek), it is yet another perfect parody of the disregard the perpetrators of these Pump & Dump frauds have for their marks.

We advise you the subtitle language may not be suitable for all audiences.  Enjoy and learn.