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Suspension Seems Likely for RNBI
as Pump & Dump Campaign Turns Desperate

August 11, 2014 (update): As another effort to scam the public begins today, it is important to note that RNBI financials have not been updated since the original Pump & Dump was launched back in May by Penny Those numbers stood for the quarter ending in February. Obviously there is an effort here to delay the facts and we'd bet that there is now a lot more shares outstanding than the 273 million last reported. Shares are off 66% from the launch of the May campaign and 83% from the highs. At least $4 million has been lost by traders in this fraud to date.

June 24, 2014: As the Rainbow International (RNBI) Pump & Dump completes its sixth week, it would be fair to say the current breakdown of the share price, inevitable with all sideways campaigns, should have been expected. Relying solely on the gullibility of penny stock novices and the naive, the perpetrators of this fraud have successfully lined their pockets without benefit of a press release or substantive filing from the company.  The only whispers coming from the company itself since the beginning of May were with respect to a change of control and the url of its website. However, one would have to be entirely clueless to be believe that the company was not complicit with the nefarious scheme to defraud that has been going on here. It has not returned our telephone calls or emails through which inquired about the tactics used to generate volume in the stock, nor has it refuted the activities we are about to outline to you here, and of which the company was clearly well aware.  Furthermore, insiders held almost all of the stock when this scam was launched this past May 14th.

The RNBI Pump & Dump campaign is one of the most despicable and brazen attempts to defraud the public that we have ever come across in the penny markets.

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A this time we'll refer you to Janice Shell's May 20th review of the company for a little background. Today, we'll look at the desperate tactics invoked to dump millions of worthless shares onto the street.

To say that the promotion of RNBI did not generate the kind of volume expected by the financiers of the scheme is understatement. The tout's emails to its followers became more desperate and towed the line of legality as the weeks went on. Then it went way past that line. was a site originally owned by Toronto promoter, Peter Leeds.  Leeds does not email to the masses at large, but rather keeps a list of subscribers who pay some pretty hefty fees to be on that list. He admits selling the domain to what were then anonymous parties, through lawyers, for a sizable price. We believe that he did not know that the domain would end up under the control of fugitive John Babikian and his associate scum at Awesome Penny Stocks.

The domain name obviously has value.  With the demise of Awesome Penny Stocks, Babikian and company likely sold the domain to another equally scuzzy party. Whoever the current owner is, he allowed the privacy cloak to lapse. A "Who Is" check of the registration shows that Peter Leeds is still the registered owner of the domain. Leeds says that he doesn't control the domain nor does he contribute to its nefarious activities and we believe him. The move by Babikian et al. was actually genius because by not changing the registration, they created a layer of camouflage and some deniability. The failure to change the registration was masked by the privacy cloak and not revealed until that was allowed to lapse. The current controllers of the domain are hiding behind Leed's name.

The financiers of the RNBI Pump & Dump campaign certainly anticipated more cachet from the endorsement. The seven figure trading volumes that were generated during most of the days in the second half of May, subsided as the calendar turned to June. When the expected results failed to materialize, we imagine the tout was pressured to do whatever necessary to earn his fee--reportedly GBP 250,000, equal to about USD 420,000. That is when the legal line was crossed.

The emails became more desperate, making a series of ridiculously optimistic predictions for the upcoming day's trading.  One June 3rd, they sent out an email promising that the share price would double on that day.  After trading $166K worth of stock, RNBI closed up a penny at 25 cents, with 62% of trades booked as overpays. At the high, shares were up 2.9 cents, not even close to a double. Not surprisingly, completely ignored their failed prognostication. RNBI email for June 3, 2014 <clilck to enlarge>

The failed promise of a double was followed by additional daily emails designed to entice buyers, but failing to create enough interest to generate the trading volumes seen in May. Then on June 19th, another ridiculous promise was made.  "RNBI will gain at least 25% today", guaranteed. The stupidity went even further, "Those wise enough to hold past the 25% gain today could also be in for something really spectacular." Shares closed down half a penny that day, on only $90,000 in volume and a 75% overpay rate.

Now it was time to pull out all the stops.  For those with evil on their minds, there are no legal limitations. On Friday the 20th, a series of fraudulently misrepresented spam emails began to be disseminated, feigning endorsements from widely followed entities; like this one, masquerading as a TD Ameritrade email. TDA never promotes stocks, although they may issue recommendations of certain big board issuers.

and this one, purporting to be issued by Bloomberg.  Of course, Bloomberg does not promote stocks either.

We had to laugh at this one which was "accidentally" sent to the wrong email address and feigns a Scottrade broker giving a client hell.

Even message board, a haven for penny stock schemers and suckers alike, was unwillingly brought into the act. This is one of several different emails that feigned to be authored by iHub.

The spam email issued in iHub's name prompted an administrator of the site to issue a post disavowing the use of its name in vain. Calls to TD Ameritrade, Scottrade and Bloomberg were all met with similar, "Our Legal Department is investigating and we have no comment at this time, except to say that the emails did not originate from us." statements.  No surprise there. And as we have already stated, RNBI has not responded to our inquiries.  No surprise their either.

OTCmarkets slapped a "Caveat Emptor" tag on RNBI today. That designation is usually assigned when a stock promotion/spam email campaign is ongoing or an investigation of criminal activity is afoot.  It certainly seems that both qualifications have been met here. The SEC has been clear about its policy regarding spam email promotions through a recent spate of trading suspensions. The brazen nature of this particular scam is only going to increase the SEC's ire and with their investigation reportedly already well underway, it would be difficult to imagine that RNBI won't soon join the trash heap.