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Those Darn Promoters
Best Damn Penny Stocks Wails Out Its Swan Song

April 7, 2014: It doesn't get much funnier than this. We were working on the early morning update to the Promotion Watch List by going through the hundreds of pumping emails we receive every morning, as we always do, when my associate does the best spit take I've seen since the days of the Borscht Belt (look it up) comics.

The Same Reaction My Associate Had to an Email Pump This Morning

This was classic. It all had to do with the pumping emails of GACR delivered by Best Damn Penny Stocks' senior associates. They are senior associates, because unlike junior associate Simply Best Investments, who have been in on most but not all of BDPS scams, US Market Buzz and The Penny Stock Profiler have never missed one. Check it out:

What is obviously referred to is the recent disaster that was the NHPI Pump & Dump. As with other Pump & Dump campaigns conducted by BDPS over the last several months, this one went straight south and stayed there.
I am honestly sick of this. We have been receiving a lot of emails full of praise/thanks for what we have provided over the past 2 years and we have also received a few not so nice emails.
Not so nice emails? No kidding! Why? Because your scams have cost people hundreds of millions of dollars over the years?
Please understand that we want the BEST for our members. We provide in depth research reports on companies that we believe in our opinions to be undervalued and are packed with short/mid term potential.
No, you don't want the best for your members, Eric (Cusimano, boss at BDPS). You want the best for you. It is mathematically impossible for you, your cohorts, and your members to all win. As for in depth research reports: here comes another spit take. All you do is parrot a pile of lies that your subject companies disseminate and a bunch of facts that have nothing to do with the company.
Since our inception we have released 50 Alerts & out of those 50 alerts 39 have been winners.
That is nearly a 80% win rate for the members that choose to follow our alerts.
80% winners, eh Eric? That's not what your Past Performances show. Although we believe that you made out like the bandit that you are, 100% of the time.
Nobody likes "L's" but hey they are part of the game. The trick is to cut losses quickly and let your winners run.
This is where my associate lost his jelly donut. The trick is to cut losses quickly...???????? Every one of Cusimano's emails during the NHPI campaign (and others before it) said differently.



So now BDPS and company is saying that we need to cut losses quickly, but before they insisted that losing shareholders "be along for the ride" and "trapped the shorts..." and "be greedy when others are fearful". Were they just kidding then? They've got to be kidding now, that's for sure!

It is noteworthy that the headlining BDPS newsletter itself did not pump GACR nor did it send out this wail. It would seem that Cusimano has seen the writing on the wall and now the other newsletters like The Penny Stock Profiler are trying to disassociate themselves. Oh and the BDPS website is down. Much like Awesome Penny Stocks before it, it appears that Best Damn Penny Stocks has died. May it rot in hell along with Cusimano.