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Pharmagen (PHRX) "A Fraud"
According to Former SEC Investigator

December 11, 2013: According to former United States Securities and Exchange Commission attorney, Gary Aguirre, Pharmagen, Inc. (PHRX) is "an obvious Pump & Dump".

Mr. Aguirre was quoted by Jean-Francois Cloutier, a reporter for French language newspaper, Le Journal de Montreal, who has been conducting a series of reports on John Babikian and his connection to Awesome Penny Stocks.  Awesome Penny Stocks promoted PHRX back in the spring of 2012, when it was known as Sunpeak Ventures (SNPK).  We estimate that the Pump & Dump campaign cost investors $455 million. Management has remained pretty much the same since that promotion, with

Mackie Barch
CEO Mackie Barch, who seems to be connected with other former APS scams, is still at the helm of PHRX. His continued involvement makes it more difficult for him to deny any knowledge of the campaign.

PHRX begins a new Pump & Dump campaign today.

Gary Aguirre
According to Cloutier's article, Mr. Aguirre had considered filing a class action lawsuit against Sunpeak Ventures and Awesome Penny Stocks after several defrauded investors came to him seeking help, but he relented after he was unable to discover who really pulled the strings at Awesome Penny Stocks. "They are moving targets as they hide behind offshore entities.", stated Mr. Aguirre. The statute of limitations now bars him from filing a new case for fraud.

The article reports that Mr Aguirre feels that brokers, analysts, specialists of Internet Marketing and offshore banks are in the Pump & Dump game, for that fraud works.

According to his bio, Mr. Aguirre is a renowned securities and fraud attorney, having defeated his old haunt, the SEC, in several litigations. Of special interest, Mr. Aguirre proved to the satisfaction of two Senate committees, a US District Court, and three federal agencies that the SEC acted unlawfully when it derailed a major insider trading investigation led by him as an SEC Senior Counsel when it got too close to some of Wall Street’s elite.