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Multi-Corp International (MULI)
From The Same Terrorist Who Brought You BluForest (BLUF)

October 18, 2013: Thursday marked the start of the 6th Pump & Dump campaign that we've tracked for Multi-Corp International (MULI), a former Best Damn Penny Stocks promotion with strong ties to, and in fact dictated by Calgary, Alberta penny stock fraud artist, Jim Can. We'll refer you to some of our past articles on Jim and his BluForest, Inc (BLUF) scam, retrievable by clicking here, here and here.

It's worth noting that Best Damn Penny Stocks has promoted both MULI and BLUF in the past, as has current MULI promoters, Research Driven Investor and Investor Trendz.  We suspect that Investor Trendz may have strong ties to BDPS as they have advanced BDPS promos in the past.

Perhaps one of the sloppiest pieces of evidence connecting MULI and BLUF, is that separate promotional materials on the two companies are virtually carbon copies of each other, right down to the layout and the guy giving the thumbs up.  The MULI piece is found here, while the BLUF piece is found here.  We have saved these pieces and if we find that the urls have been de-published, we will post them as images into this advisory.

This is the third time that MULI has been promoted under this ticker. Previously, the company had been promoted as Aquasil International, Inc. (AQUS) but more about that later.

We first look at the fundamentals of MULI. What are the assets and what are they worth?  No one knows for sure, as the company has been habitually tardy with it's financials, just like it's sister BLUF, not an unusual occurrence with Jim Can companies. How many shares are issued and outstanding? Good luck trying to figure that one out for the same reason. Jim Can continues to thumb his nose at shareholders and investors and expose the regulators for its lax rules, by not having had MULI file financials since December 2012 and that for the quarter ending September 2012.  It is telling, however, that the Canadian regulators have seen fit to issue Cease Trading Orders against both MULI (click here) and BLUF (here) for insufficient financials.

Prior to trading as AQUS, the company was first known during Jim Can's control era, as BWI Holdings, Inc (BWIH), a company purporting to provide waste and recycling services to commercial, industrial, construction, home building, oilfield and residential clients, through its Budget Waste, Inc. subsidiary.  At various times, Jim Can identifies himself as President, CEO, Principal Executive Officer and a Director of BWIH. In this March 2009 Affidavit filed with respect to what seems to effectively amount to a reorganization of the debt of Budget Waste, Inc., Jim Can acknowledges owning 35 million of the 53 million shares issued and outstanding of BWIH, or about 66% of the stock. Jim Can, as always, was firmly in control, as he is now.

The last thing anybody hears from BWIH is in a May 5, 2010 press release reporting net earnings of $1,705,000. Nice news, right? Uh, apparently not because that's the last anybody hears of the waste company. No explanation about what happened to the business.  Nothing.

Up next was a change of name to Aquasil and the AQUS ticker, first announced in August 2011. According to this press release, "Aquasil International currently offers its premium drinking water in Central Asia and Europe. Due to overwhelming success in the European markets, the Company is now expanding its operations to include North America and other markets."  Wow! Impressive, huh? Well, no, not really. Five months later, the company switches gears again, the second time it mysteriously dispenses of a supposedly successful venture, again without explanation. Of course the "overwhelming success" was never reflected in the financials (Can was still filing them back then), as zero revenues are reported. We wonder what is Jim's standard for "overwhelming success". Not having your stock halted for false and misleading statements? Selling stock without losing control of the company? Staying out of jail?

The next shift in gears comes with the announcement of James Brooks as President and the acquisition of his Oveldi Worldwide Shipping Group.  Those plans are in the books for about six weeks when abruptly, the company stops talking about it.  The announced name change to "Oveldi" never happens. Instead, just 10 weeks later, the company changes its name to the current Multi-Corp International and ticker MULI. Another six months goes by, and MULI announces that it has begun acquiring the first asset of many from yet another Jim Can company, Quad Energy (CDID). Jim is/was the CEO of CDID, since relegated to the grey sheets. Before it was known as Quad Energy, that company was called Budget Waste, Inc (BDGW). Yes the same Budget Waste, Inc. that eventually vended its assets into BWIH, probably so that it could become insolvent without jeopardizing the shell.

So what happened with the Oveldi plans? Well we'll let former President, James Brooks, say it in his own words.

After we began publishing our exposes on the BLUF/Jim Can scam we received the following email from Mr. Brooks.

James Brooks Email #1, Page 1 <click to enlarge>

James Brooks Email #1, Page 2 <click to enlarge>
Obviously, we've cut off the bottom of the email to prevent publication of Mr. Brooks personal information.
Mr. Brooks sent us a subsequent email.
James Brooks Email #2, <click to enlarge>

Further evidence has been offered by activist George Sharp who reports also being personally contacted by James Brooks. Yesterday, George tweeted that he had posted a court pleading in which he details his own communications with Mr. Brooks, including his receipt of the rather disturbing text message, "I’m out Mr. Sharp. Too much heat. I can’t afford this in my life right now.

An exhibit in George Sharp's pleading includes a copy of an Alberta, Canada court decision regarding Jim Can's role in a hostage taking/extortion event/assault regarding an adversary.  Reportedly, Jim Can was accompanied by two members of the Hells Angels. We'll note that charges against Mr. Can were dropped due to the unreliability of the witness, but his presence at the scene with two Hells Angels and firearms is not denied.

Clearly James Brooks is a man who has been terrorized by Jim Can. We expressed our willingness to edit our original article provided that Mr. Brooks provided the promised documentation. Several subsequent attempts to contact Mr. Brooks have been unanswered. While we pray that he is safe, we will remind him that the public good remains in jeopardy during Mr. Can's reign of physical and financial terror and we implore Mr. Brooks to do whatever he can to end this reign, including going to the police. Furthermore, as the officer of a public company, for whatever short a period of time, it might be his legal obligation to make known to the proper authorities of any wrongdoing thereby protecting the public.