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September 12, 2013: Proving that the majority of penny stock players are merely sheeples looking to play the lottery, there has been a circus performance for the last few days, with Awesome Penny Stocks and its cohorts (whom will just collectively refer to as APS) playing the ringmaster and the sheeple playing the role of the clowns.

Sheeple are individuals who forfeit their individual thinking for a group mentality, and will buy into any cockamamie idea just to remain part of the "cool kids". These particular sheeple worship the APS deity and are willing to risk their assets just to be part of any Ponzi-scheme APS conjures up.

It started out when we revealed to our subscribers what we suspected would be APS' next "pick" and made a strong case for staying away from it. Naturally, we have some self-flagellating subscribers that are also members of the flock of sheeple, and they chose to ignore our pleas to stay away, instead jumping into shares of Press Ventures (PVEN). Those sheeple made a sacrifice to the APS god, as within hours of our revelation, APS announced a delay of their announcement, resulting in the first of several smashings of the PVEN share price. The delay of the announcement lasted 8 days rather the the one or two that APS had promised.  It is obvious to everybody who has ever played an APS "pick", that we hit the nail on the head and APS used the time to retool.

APS took advantage of  the delayed announcement during which the street continued to speculate, and allowed APS to profit by selling several millions of dollars worth of PVEN shares to the sheeple who were trying to avoid missing out. The flock was further encouraged by yesterday's late day smashing of the share price, an occurrence which often precedes an APS announcement. Convinced that this was a sign from the APS god itself, shares were scooped up pre-market and by those who put in buy orders to be executed at the open, failing to be nimble enough to cancel those orders once the actual "pick" was announced.

In the meantime, APS called an audible and did something they have never done before: they "picked" a stock that they, through their sister, Victory Mark, had promoted in the past, and announced Pacwest Equities (PWEI). The sheeple could not transfer their remaining assets to the new holy grail fast enough. OTC Markets, sensing something that the sheeple refuse to comprehend, tagged PWEI with a Caveat Emptor status just hours after APS announced its "pick"

APS' move was admittedly brilliant.  Relying on the gullibility of the sheeple and obviously still holding plenty of PWEI stock, APS was unsatisfied by the performance of the lesser newsletters retained to promote the sale of these share remnants. By pulling the old switcheroo, not only did APS create a conduit to dump more stock, but for the moment, they avoided adding another ticker to George Sharp's growing list of defendants in his spam email, pump and dump civil litigation.  Whether regurgitating old tickers will remain a tactic of APS remains to be seen, but it is obvious that they have been caught scratching their asses, wondering what to do about Mr. Sharp's campaign against their fleecing of the public.

Now the sheeple have been dragooned into purchasing shares of PWEI without consideration as to the source of the half a billion shares that will trade today. What should be evident to even the most dim-witted sheeple is that this is likely to be a very short term Pump & Dump, along the lines of previous APS schemes, VLNX and the now halted AWSR. And as per usual, the sheeple will pay. Just click here to see how the sheeple always pay.

Rest assured that APS will now buy back almost every share of PVEN that they sold at significantly discounted prices from the sheeple who transferred their lottery tickets to PWEI. The reasons are simple. PVEN was the intended pick, and APS and its cohorts are unlikely to let a perfectly good scam, with perfectly good sheeple willing to throw their money at it, go to waste.