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Updated: Caribbean International Holdings
Now BioStem Technologies (BESM) Throws In The Kitchen Sink

January 9, 2015 (update)CIHN now BESM has changed its name and symbol in order to mask the past injustices committed on the investing public, who have lost millions during the course of several Pump & Dump campaigns conducted on this ticker. Even after these scams, the company has no revenues to show for itself and only $423 in the bank.

May 4, 2014 (update): CIHN is at it again, after a front loading opportunity for those willing to pay Stock Aviator a subscription fee to get to the head of the line.  As a result, those who will fall victim to Advanced Marketing's and Rising Penny Stocks' pimping will not only be chewing up shares from insiders looking to dump intrinsically worthless stock, but the front loaders looking to cash in as well.

Looking at recent events at the company, it sure is talking a good game with some fancy schmancy, fluff press releases that don't say anything. "Caribbean International Holdings Making Brain Injuries a High Priority" - hey, great! How will that add to the bottom line? "World-Renown Stem Cell Physician Appointed as Medical Director for Regenerative BioScience" - terrific! How will that add to the bottom line?  The simple answer, of course, is that neither one of these "developments" does anything for the company except draw attention to the stock.  How many of these penny stock scams are able to recruit so-called big names to the table in exchange for a few bucks or some stock?  The answer is hundreds.  Remember Pamela Anderson and FROG? Renowned hair replacement doctor Marina Pizarro and HAIR? The investment is worth a lot to those seeking to dump stock on the contrived hype.

The company cannot achieve anything because it has no resources. The evidence is in their own financials. 23K in cash isn't going to go much further than pay filings fees and bookkeeping costs. An old $50,000 investment in a stem cell research company, that has now been deemed valueless, is hardly an effort in stem cell research. And who knows where the cash for any future expenditures is going to be coming from.  The company booked zero revenues in its latest reported quarter.  Zero!  And that's from its much heralded stem cell, chicken wing and slot machine enterprises combined.

Adding insult to long time bag holders' injury, outstanding shares of CIHN have almost quadrupled since last August's Pump & Dump campaign; from 85 million shares to at least 308 million.  They've got plenty of stock for you to munch on.

So go ahead and buy up shares of CIHN. The insiders and Friday's front loaders would very much appreciate it.


August 26, 2013: Tonight's show is a comedy that will turn to tragedy, brought to you buy the good folks at Caribbean International Holdings, Inc (CIHN). CIHN is the marquee promotion of the day, with already 32 newsletters pimping the stock, at last look.

This is a Pump & Dump with a serious case of ADD and we're afraid that it is going to poison a lot of trading accounts today.  So in an attempt to keep one or two of the proverbial lemmings from jumping, let's take a look this bad joke.
Depending on which tout you listen to, the business you should focus on when throwing your money away on shares of what is seems to actually be an empty shell, varies. GS Media, publisher of newsletters "Penny Stock Parlay" and "Hole In One Stocks", among others, makes CIHN sound like a stem cell play. Market365, the publisher of at least eight different newsletters including Best Top Penny Stocks and OTC Equity, also pushes CIHN's pretend stem cell business. 
"CIHN Caribbean International Holdings Inc. markets one of the world’s pioneering Stem Cell institutes, Hospital Galenia, a state-of-the-art medical facility in Cancun, Mexico"
"Pretend stem cell business?", you ask.  That's right. CIHN purportedly "markets" a hospital that does stem cell research.  This means that CIHN advertises, as in placing ads in a newspaper, or whatever.  CIHN itself is not in the stem cell business at all, and from the sounds of it, the hospital is nothing more than a research center either, so even it doesn't make money from stem cells.  See how the truth can be bent just to try to get you to buy worthless stock?  We love this sentence;
"CIHN is committed to advancing stem cell medicine with the hope of one day curing the following diseases."
Committed? By advertising? They'd be actually committed to advancing stem cell medicine if they wrote a check to the research hospital.

Market365 also touches on CIHN's other pretend lines of business.  For example, CIHN also purports to be the manufacturers of slot machines. Huh? Slot machines? How is that a commitment to stem cell medicine?

How about the so-called "Sports Division" which is supposedly "very successful". How so? Well according to Jet Life Penny Stocks,
"Additionally, CIHN has a very successful sports division which scored big with Amanda Serano who won Two world championship belts!"
Really? And just exactly how did CIHN "score big" with Amanda?  Did they place a bet on her?  In what way does she ring CIHN's register? Don't prospective shareholders deserve to know?
"CIHN is also in negotiation with Cindy Serano, Amanda’s sister, who is also ranked in the top 10 in the world".
In negotiation, eh? Well that's certainly a success story, isn't it? By the way, what are they in negotiation with Cindy to do?  Sell chicken wings?

Speaking of chicken wings, it's what Wall Street Buzz Alerts is touting, and yes, that's another business CIHN is supposedly into and the only one they are talking about right now.  In their first press release in almost four months, and conveniently timed to coincide with the Pump & Dump campaign, CIHN announced plans to offer franchises on a currently non-existing restaurant, offering non-existing chicken wings, in 18 non-existing flavors. They are planning to offer. Do you get it?  Incidentally, this is the first time they've ever mentioned this chicken s**t, chicken wing business. Perhaps CIHN is planning to create these chicken wings through their stem cell division.


For some reason, this sparkling investment couldn't attract the attention of the usual gang of attorneys who are always at the ready for a solid scheme. The esteemed attorney behind this circus is one Kimberly Rudge, fma Kimberly Graus, whom we've never heard of before, and does not appear on OTC Markets Service Provider list. A little research revealed that Ms. Rudge is being investigated by the Florida State Bar and that she has connections to Florida penny stock fraud artist Marc Jablon. She has written many an opinion letter on the free-trading status of stock in dozens of companies subjected to Pump & Dump campaigns, including, Solos Endoscopy (SNDY), Connectyx Technologies Holdings (CTYX) and 3d Eye Soultions (TDEY), all of which should be enough of a red flag to have you screaming into the night.

So there you have it.  Stem cell facility advertising, slot machine manufacturing, an involvement in women's boxing at some level, and chicken wings. Quite the imaginary accomplishments for a one-man show, and not exactly the commitment to stem cell research that the touts would have you believe, wouldn't you agree?

So how much revenue do all these wonderful lines of business generate for CIHN? Well according to the recently filed quarterly financials for the period ending March 31, 2013, zero.  That makes CIHN's lines of business 0 for 4 in the revenue department. Not exactly surprising, as pretend businesses rarely generate much income. The company is very sketchy about its filings, and just last month filed its very late annual financials for the period ended December 31, 2012, eight months ago. Hence OTC Markets' assignment of the cautionary Yield Sign to the stock. The touts claims of current annual revenues of $1.5 million is unsubstantiated, meaning they would have to know something we don't, which would be illegal. These claims are likely just another attempt to juice an intrinsically worthless company.  Even so, $1.5 million in revenues doesn't exactly get the heart racing and would likely be more than offset by some sort of expenses, real and imaginary.

CIHN does fail to mention one other business it is in and that's the paper business. Yes, CIHN's primary business is to sell paper.  As in stock certificates. To you.  That's how this pretend company's masters make their living. Sucking you in to buy worthless stock.  And it's an all you can eat buffet too.  In the last seven years, these shares have been reverse split four times to the tune of one for 87,500,000.  Are you ready to belly up to the buffet?

As a side note, the fact that Market365 is one of the major promoters on this scam should be enough to scare the bejeezus out of you. Everything they push ends up as a disaster to investors and day traders alike, as you can see from their Past Performances.  The percentage of trades which end up as losing trades, or "overpays", as we like to call them, is consistently astounding.

We expect a Gap & Trap here on Monday and would be surprised if the high of the day isn't hit before 10:00 am. You're better off sleeping in.