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We Can't VIZS-ualize Best Top Penny Stocks
Doing Any Better With This Pump & Dump

June 3, 2013: For the second time in the last three trading sessions, Market365, publishers of a bunch of penny stock pimping newsletters including Best Top Penny Stocks, is being called upon to save face on a Pump & Dump that set out on a course due south from the git go.

Last Thursday, BTPS and company tried to stop the hemorrhaging on Technologies-Scan Corp (TENP), to no avail.  TENP started in the doldrums on day one of the campaign and, as we can see in the daily trading summary (click here),  it only got worse even with BTPS at the helm.

Now the Market365 touts are being called upon to bring some smiles to the Vizstar, Inc. (VIZS) bag holders.  Click here to pull up this one's discouraging trading summary, as we enter week four of the Pump & Dump campaign.

Of course, when you start out with a company with a history that makes us think of a bad case of ADD, the table has already been set for disaster. In three short years, VIZS has gone from being in the electronic yearbook business, to being a private aviation charter brokerage company, and an oil and gas explorer.  Through all those endeavors, all that VIZS has produced are stock certificates.  Now investors are supposed to believe that they are in the organic cosmetics business.

When you consider that this whirling dervish has no money or revenues on top of what started out to be a ridiculous $215 million market cap (now down to a just-as-ridiculous $33 million), it is not hard to see why a Pump & Dump was going to cause this over-inflated balloon to bust. Insiders were bound to take whatever they could get for these intrinsically worthless shares.

Today's effort by Market365 is likely to create some more trading volume thanks to the myopic, but we wouldn't be shocked to see an end result that is no different than the previous four days on which this was pumped.  Expect VIZS to make a bee line for the trip zeros over the coming days.