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TRLR Trash

August 27, 2013 Update: Welcome to the 5th Pump & Dump campaign of 2013 for this one. TRLR still has not much going on other than dilution.  The shares issued and outstanding have increased by another 10% since June's campaign and other than run printing presses, we still don't see the company doing much here other than issue updates on a mineral asset that they've assigned an asset value of a whopping $32,000. The company has yet to spend a dime on exploration activities. Kind of makes it hard to justify a $5,000,000 market cap, doesn't it?  Looking at the Past Performances, we see no reason why the pattern of overpays and a drifting of the share price shouldn't continue.  TRLR is truly trailer trash.

June 24, 2013: The first week of summer leads off with the latest revival of the Trulan Resources, Inc (TRLR) Pump & Dump, the 4th time this moose dung is being pimped. It is the second time in a month that GS Media's four newsletters, including Hole In One Stocks is pushing these shares, having been paid to tell us that that shares are "now massively undervalued". The trouble is that we've heard this before.

What we are supposed to hang our collective hats on are the claim that the company has discovered that it has 1,905,428 ounces of recoverable platinum and 1,764,112 ounces of recoverable gold on its IGP Iron-Gold-Platinum Project in Chile.  What we are not supposed to hang those hats on is the fact that, even if this was true, all the company owns is an agreement to acquire the right to the property, not the property itself.  We can't find the terms of that agreement (if anybody else can, please send it to us) so we don't understand how the company is going to fulfill the terms (it probably won't) .  We also don't understand is how all of these exploration results were achieved considering that by its own financial statements, TRLR has never had any cash, nor has it spent any money on exploration activities.  Did they hire a psychic to look into a crystal ball?

We've compiled the Past Performances to provide a trading summary for the days on which which TRLR was promoted. We see that the first Pump & Dump campaign was a one day job just to tease the audience that major promotions were coming.  The second campaign was so disastrous that even a change of symbol from TLAN to the current TRLR during the campaign couldn't disguise or temper an ongoing free fall in the share price.  By the end of the six week campaign, shares were down a whopping 83%, as relentless dumping countered any buying interest created by at least 59 newsletters pimping this scheme.  An astounding number of trading losers were created on each day that these newsletters came out on the stock.

The third TRLR Pump & Dump campaign went on for two weeks and invoked the services of another 70 newsletters.  Shares started 34% below the price they were at the end of the second campaign and managed to gain some ground towards that level, but still at over 92% below the prices of the first Pump & Dump campaign. By our estimate over 150 million shares were dumped during the course of the first three TRLR Pump & Dump campaigns.

Bag holders are now rewarded with a fourth campaign sure to set share prices on a straight course due south, as another 104 million shares have appeared since May, increasing the number of shares issued and outstanding by 26% since the last quarter and 48% since the beginning of 2013.  If these numbers and the daily trading summary don't provide you with satisfactory evidence of a Pump & Dump, then by all means mortgage the house and pick up these shares.