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EVSV: No Honor Among Thieves

May 20, 2013: By now it's no secret that Enviro-Serv, Inc (EVSV) is one major disaster (to the bag holders) of a Pump & Dump that made over $30 million in shareholder value magically disappear in just 6 weeks.  And yet, somehow or other, the touts managed to keep interest up in this intrinsically worthless company which sports a grand total of $2,266 in assets, including a whopping 75 bucks in cash. When you also consider the almost million bucks in liabilities, you've got to wonder how so many fools were recruited to contribute to the $2.5 million worth of stock traded over the six week period.

Reviewing a compilation of the The Nightly trading summaries for the days on which emailed newsletters touted the shares of EVSV, the dilution of the stock is evident as the price per share predictably evaporates,  almost in a straight line due south.

EVSV Trading Summary (Click to Enlarge)

What should be equally disturbing, is the lack of concern the touts pushing this garbage have shown for their subscribers.  In a May 17, 2013 posting on its website,, one of at least six newsletters published by Market365 (including widely followed Best Top Penny Stocks), the so-called analyst laments EVSV's performance, rationalizing that,
"With no real operations in place it would appear that the company’s share price is right around the level it should be; until they actually announce the acquisition of a subsidiary and start to show some revenue what more could they expect?"

OTCEquity's May 17, 2013 Analysis on EVSV (Click to Enlarge)

While we wholeheartedly agree with OTCEquity on this revelation, we wonder why they didn't show the same concern for the public six weeks earlier when all of the Market365 newsletters, including OTCEquity, pimped this worthless penguin dung, then in the process of changing names from Transfer Technology to Enviro-Serv and trading under the symbol TTIN, at about a nickel.  At that time, the newsletter trumpeted that "Transfer Tech just announced game-changing news" and yet the financials of the company were just as bad then as they are now.

OTCEquity's April 9, 2013 Recommendation of Shares of  TTIN (Click to Enlarge)

So why the switch in OTCEquity's position on shares of EVSV? After all, nothing has changed. The company is as worthless as ever.  The answer is here:

OTCEquity's Compensation Disclaimer For TTIN (Click to Enlarge)

Apparently, once the $12,500 ran out, so did OTCEquity's support of EVSV/TTIN and to hell with the subscribers left holding the bag.

There truly is no honor among thieves.