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ERBB Uses A Full Court Press To Dump
A Pile Of Stock - Part Deux

May 22, 2013: The printing presses have continued churning day and night since April's prophetic advisory, issued the last time a Pump & Dump began anew for Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB), a company with 469 bucks in the bank, that does little else but sell stock.  If selling share certificates could be considered revenue, then the company might post nice income, but alas ERBB is still stuck at zero.

Suckers caught up in the clamor for pretend medical marijuana stocks and whom hunger for the intrinsically valueless paper issued by ERBB, will be relieved to know that the shares issued and outstanding increased another 29% over the last quarter, to a staggering 2,439,265,310 shares.  That's about 550 million more shares available to digest for the new Pump & Dump campaign starting this morning, the sixth one in the last 14 months.  Over that period the number of shares issued has increased by over 400%.  Can there be any doubt what the purpose of this company is, other than to enrich its masters?

ERBB Trading Summary (Click to Enlarge)

Today's fresh campaign is led by the same touts whom cheered on last months debacle, which we correctly predicted would create a whole new slew of bag holders living underwater. Looking at The Nightly's trading summaries for the last few dates on which ERBB was pushed, we see that on most days, the campaign ends  with many more losers than winners.  Everybody lost on the last campaign, where over 99% of buyers ended in the red on April 11.  Since then, shares have fallen back to their January levels, so now, not only will there be the brand new half a billion shares on the market, but also the selling from those who will be trying to just recover their losses.  Then there's the day traders fighting each other for a scalp of a tick or two.

Yeah, good luck with this one.

Read the proof from  last month's advisory, look at the trading summary above, and then stay far away from ERBB.