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The BOPT Fiasco:
Management Overhauled - Again!

April 24, 2013: Just days after trading in the stock was halted and its listing was relegated to the Grey Sheets, Eco-Trade Corporation (BOPT) today filed a Form 8-K indicating yet another overhaul of its governance.

According to the filing, the Company received the resignations of Canon Bryan, John Pinsent and Chris Popoff, as Directors on April 22. Kevin Norris and David Zirulnikoff were named as replacements.

Popoff's and Bryan's tenures as Directors lasted a mere 5 weeks, while Bryan managed to hold his position for 5 months.  During Bryan's 5 weeks as President of BOPT, the company underwent a massive attempt at a doomed Pump and Dump campaign; was named as a Defendant in a lawsuit; received a cease trading order; and, had it's listing pulled.  Those were very dubious accomplishments, indeed.

In spite of disappointing results, the short-lived Pump & Dump campaign still netted the perpetrators millions of dollars.

Don't be surprised if additional lawsuits against the company and its officers are announced.