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Clear Evidence That BOPT and SMA
Deliberately Screwed The Public ~ Part Two:

Battle of The Press Releases:

April 15, 2013: Well in a nasty game of nanny boo, George Sharp and Eco-Trade Corporation (BOPT) released competing press releases this morning.

Sharp's release consisted of the expected announcement of litigation against BOPT in which he alleges fraud (duh!).  We say "expected" because it has been all over the internet since yesterday, including in an advisory we issued yesterday.

BOPT issued two press releases in succession, the first lamenting a "smear" campaign against the company.  We say that the company is self-smearing.  This website, among others, are simply pointing out that obvious fact.  For the record, there is no short campaign.  The stock is down because insiders, who owned this thing outright just a few weeks ago, are dumping their stock onto the street.  William Lieberman has done it many times before and he will do it over and over again, so long as the SEC and the public allow him to do it.

The second press release, criticized Mr. Sharp for allegedly breaching a settlement agreement with the company, an agreement Sharp referred to in his email to us yesterday.  What is truly unbelievable is that BOPT focused on the alleged breach and "frivolous" lawsuit, without refuting the claims by Mr. Sharp, as well as this website (and anybody else with a single brain cell), that a fraud, perpetrated by BOPT and its masters, is ongoing.  Instead, the press release whines that the company has already paid off Sharp once, and that he shouldn't be making public statements.  No reference to Sharp's allegations of a Pump and Dump campaign, Lieberman's past indiscretions, or the dissemination of spam emails.  No explanation as to why it had to pay off Sharp in the first place.

We think that BOPT's press releases speak (or don't speak) volumes.