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Clear Evidence That BOPT and SMA
Deliberately Screwed The Public ~ Part One:

April 14, 2013: This was premeditated murder of the public's bank account. And we think that the perpetrators of this scheme may just be called onto the carpet for this one. As the SEC has been halting stocks undergoing ridiculous promotions, FUEG by recent example, it is possible that Eco-Trade Corporation (BOPT) could be next

We already warned that this bloodbath was coming last Tuesday in this exposé.  If you have not yet read that advisory, you must.  Over the weekend, we received literally dozens of thanks yous from those who heeded out warnings.  This was our favorite one:

At 2:00pm on Friday Agora Multimedia, publishers of the newsletters Stock Market Authority (SMA) and Penny Stock Wizards, among others, issued it's BOPT "pick".

"Bloodbath" is the only way to describe what happened with BOPT on Friday.  Advance buyers, who were tipped off to the planned late day promotion, bought up stock, sending it to the mid .20s by the time the emailed newsletters started landing.  Within minutes of the emails, the stock soared to 30 cents before Lieberman, et al. threw everybody under the bus, including the tipped off, and slammed every bid in sight. The share price fell fast and furiously to 12 cents and then closed at 13.5 cents.

As illustrated in Friday's edition of The Nightly, 93.92% or 2,125 of 2,277 trades were losers.  An astounding $ 4.4 million dollars in trading volume ended up realizing losses at Friday's close.  This was Dillinger, Capone, and Bonnie and Clyde at their best.  Participants in the most obvious scam we've ever seen, were robbed by a bunch of thugs.  We can only hope that the authorities realize it as well.

The internet message boards, and our Inbox were full of inquiries as to why SMA would wait until so late in the day to release BOPT.  We weren't sure until we received an email from well-known anti-pump and dump zealot, George Sharp, illustrating his communications with a representative of BOPT.  Rather than edit or editorialize, we are just going to provide a link to his email.  Later, we are going to show you how buys in BOPT were encouraged this week with a phony bid scheme that would have made Awesome Penny Stocks proud.

Click here to read his email to us and, as we understand it, other blogs. For the record, we believe Mr. Sharp, and we are absolutely convinced that his communications are the reason that the promotion of BOPT began late on Friday afternoon.