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Carrillo & Huettel: Where Are They Now?

March 19, 2013: With Friday's SEC charges against several accused in a massive Pump & Dump scheme involving Pacific Blue Energy Corporation (PBEC) and Tradeshow Marketing Company Ltd (TSHO), many are wondering how Defendants and former partners of Carrillo Huettel, LLP, Luis Carrillo and Wade Huettel will answer the government's allegations.

Of course, in order to enforce the charges, these two shysters will first have to be served with the complaint and/or arrested, and to do that they will have to be found. Huettel should be easy to locate.  Carrillo, not so much.

Today, we were able to confirm several reports that Wade Huettel is holed up and holding court in the offices of former law partner and heir-apparent to the title of "King of Penny Stock Attorneys", Luke Zouvas. A representative at Zouvas' firm, confirmed that Mr. Huettel maintains a desk at the office and seemed to think that Mr. Huettel may now even be a partner in the firm.  Mr. Zouvas,  a former, albeit short term partner at Carillo, Huettel & Zouvas, LLP, is himself no stranger to offering aid and comfort to those companies and individuals involved in unscrupulous Pump & Dump schemes.  Speculation is running amok among the penny stock world, that Zouvas may be next-in-line to have his representation of morally questionable clients investigated by the SEC, including those that seem to involve his brother, Mark, in one capacity or another, often as an officer or director.

In the meantime, Luis Carrillo has taken up a mailing address at 2455 Otay Center Dr # 118-431, San Diego, California 92154, which appears to be a UPS Store or similar type address, half a mile from the Mexican border.  This seems appropriate, as latest reports have Carrillo hiding out in Mexico, attempting to gain citizenship.

The demolition of the Carrillo Huettel house of cards now seems complete with these SEC charges.  We were the only ones to report the demise of the firm back in November, even as the credibility of our reporting was questioned.  Last month, we brought to your attention an ABC news report detailing the staged deaths of two executives of Southridge Enterprises (SRGE), another penny stock scheme with strong ties to Carrillo Huettel, LLP.  As we believe that the SEC may have bigger fish to fry, it will be interesting to see if the defendants attempt to make a plea deal in which they give up other key players in the penny stock fraud world, including those behind frequent Carrillo Huettel partners, Awesome Penny Stocks.  Stay tuned.