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TERX: Because It Isn't Due For Another Reverse Split
and Ticker Change For At Least A Couple of Weeks

Updated February 14, 2013: There is not much doubt that this Pump & Dump has been an absolute disaster since this advisory first came out. Now Stockmister, probably the least successful newsletter of the last year, takes over the pimping.

February 5, 2013: One of the more deceptive Pump & Dump schemes out there is Terra Inventions Corp (TERX), a company that changes it's symbol more often that you change your underwear.

The symbol changes are usually intended to obfuscate the rampant dilution that precedes numerous reverse splits, all underscored by promotion after promotion.  Let's take a look.

Prior to the current P & D campaign, Terra Inventions, a manufacturer of lithium-powered vehicles, was most recently pumped as Li-ion Motors Corp.   The change of name to Terra and symbol to TERX were executed following last December's one for 10 reverse split, the second of two rollbacks in 2012.  The printing presses, which run 24 hours a day at TERX, have already pumped out another 18 million shares since the December 21, 2012 version of let's-screw-the-bag holders. That increased the outstanding shares by a whopping 600%.

2012's previous reverse split, took place on January 21, 2012, when a one for 5 stick-it-to-you was executed hand in hand with another camouflaging of the symbol, from LMCO to LIMO.  Why the powers-that-be felt like they needed to eliminate the bulk of only 32 million shares outstanding is anybody's guess, but the 6.4 million shares made its way back to 32 millions shares by the time the December r/s took place.  32 million seems to be a magic number with these crooks.  What was particularly dirty about this reverse split, was that a Pump & Dump campaign took place on LMCO just days before, meaning that the newest bag holders were ruthlessly screwed in a hurry.

The latest bag holders, taken out by the most recent rollback, were largely created by a March 2012 P & D campaign.

That was just 2012. Two reverse splits effecting a one for 50 rollback along with 3000% dilution.  Nice investment.

Going back even further, the pattern of ruthless embezzlement of the public and the attempt deceive is evident.

A one for two rollback in February 2010 accompanied the change of name from EV Innovations to Li-ion Motors as well as a change of symbol from EVII to LMCO.

Exactly a year earlier, a one for three reverse split was accompanied by the name change of  Hybrid Technologies to EV Innovations and the symbol change of HYBR to EVII.

Just over a year before that, in January 2008, a one for seven reverse split begat the symbol change from HYBT to HYBR.

So there you have it. 5 years, 3 name changes, 5 symbol changes and one for 2100 in reverse splits.  Through it all the company has never changed its purported line of business. And it's still broke. And it still doesn't have any revenues.  Has deception ever been more obvious?

Jump on in!  The water's fine.  Just make sure that you don't drown.