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Southern ITS International, Inc.:
The Smart Money Will SITS This One Out

February 10, 2013: One of Monday's big productions looks to be Southern ITS International, Inc. (SITS), a long time scam that continually changes its stripes to convince the street that it has turned over a new leaf.  It hasn't.  It's still a scheme designed to separate you from your money. Let's list off the reasons that you should stay away from this piece of SITS.

1. This is the third Pump & Dump campaign in 6 months for this issue. The first two campaigns were conducted under the symbol ALCD. Those that bought in during the August 2012 campaign are pretty much wiped out as suckers paid as much as 13 cents for these intrinsically worthless shares.  Ditto for those who jumped in during the October campaign, although they weren't hurt as badly, since shares were sold at only 2 cents by then.  Those that expect different results in this new P & D are the proverbial definition of the insane.

2. Somebody knew that Monday's campaign was coming, as buying volume came out of nowhere last week.  This means that new buyers will be competing with those that got the word in advance, the dumping insiders, and the long time bag holders, when it comes time to sell stock.  When the rug is pulled out from under the share price, it will fall hard and fast.

3. With the heavy hitting promoters pushing this for Monday, SITS could be set up for the perfect "Gap & Trap". A "Gap & Trap" occurs when the share price gaps up, due to pre-market accumulation (as only market makers can do) and then, at the open, investors pile in and buy during the first few minutes of the trading day. Those that got in pre-market, will then be joining the insiders (and in this case, those that were tipped off last week), in a dump-a-palooza, causing the share price to suddenly reverse direction and victimizing the pigeons who bought in right at the open.

4. SITS is a dilution machine.  4 reverse splits effecting a one for 12.6 billion reversal, have taken place over the last 5 years.  The printing presses have never been turned off on this scam.  The number of shares outstanding after the Apr 20, 2012 reverse stood at 1,084,453. Just 4 months later, on August 14, 2012, the number of shares issued and outstanding was back to 174,108,684, as insiders replaced the shares they were reversed out of with new stock.  That number has since doubled due to a forward split that can only be explained by the desire to have inventory to sell.  (How does FINRA justify allowing a forward split to take place 8 months after shareholders got screwed with a reverse split?) We promise you that as soon as the insiders divest themselves of these shares, another reverse split will be forthcoming.  Take that to the bank.

5. The disregard that SITS insiders continually show for traders, underscores the fact that they really don't care how much money they get for their stock.  It's all just air anyway, and the shares sold into the P & D will assuredly disappear as soon as the next reverse split takes place.

Can a day trader make money on Monday with SITS? Maybe, but he better be quick on the sell button and hope that he can beat the rush for the exits, which we think will come before the trading day is 30 minutes old. But really, is it worth risking losing your wad just for a shot at making a few bucks, all the while lining the pockets of these thieves? We think not.

We feel another edition of Told Ya So! is forthcoming.