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ZPPB: Best Damn Penny Stocks Assumes Its
Subscribers Are Stupid

January 16, 2013: We sit here this morning perplexed at the chutzpah displayed this morning by stock pimp, Best Damn Penny Stocks, who sent out the following email regarding Zippy Bags, Inc. (ZPPB), a company with no assets (64 bucks and that's it) or business, before this morning's open:

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So now it appears that BDPS is not content with just screwing the public with its rackets.  Now they have to outright lie about their success. Let's review the lies:

Lie No. 1: "All of my picks always close at the High Of Day First Day! Always!"

Really?  How about never!  Not once in recent history has any of BDPS' picks finished at the high of the day.  In fact, a couple have closed lower than they opened on the first day of BDPS' pump.  BFLX, a March 2012, Pump & Dump immediately comes to mind.

Lie No. 2: "High of day today is actually 37…the .423 was a one print Market Maker Print…"

True there was one print at $.423, but BDPS has no way of knowing whether that was a market maker print, commonly known as "painting the tape".  The fact is that nobody paints the tape with $1,000 worth of stock.  Painting is done with a few dollars worth of stock and at the end of the day.  The $.423 print took place at 9:35am, setting an early high of the day for ZPPB and a sure sign of disaster to come.

Furthermore, according to yesterday's edition of "The Nightly", ZPPB shares closed at $.2861, far below BDPS' perceived high of $.37. There were 827 trades at prices above $.2861, translating to 37.87% losing trades on day one.

These two desperate lies seem to indicate that BDPS is concerned that the ZPPB Pump & Dump is headed for a disaster.  We expect shares to get clobbered today.