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Told Ya So! ZPPB Phony Dividend Is Really A Forward Split

January 30, 2013: Just as we called it in our two advisories on Zippy Bags (ZPPB), ZPPB: Best Damn Penny Stocks Assumes Its Subscribers Are Stupid and ZPPB: A Tale Of Two Con Jobs, ZPPB announced on January 29 that, "Because the stock dividend was greater than 25%, FINRA requested the corporate action be submitted as a Forward Split." Of course, that's a load of crap it was always going to be a forward split. The characterization of a "dividend", was for the purpose of window dressing, in order to make it seem like you were getting rewarded for jumping into Best Damn Penny Stocks' con job.

Don't believe the press releases' crap about "record dates" and "payment dates", either. This is also designed to make you believe that you have to be a shareholder by February 12 to get in on the forward split. The split will occur on the day FINRA decides and everybody who owns stock that day will be subjected to the split. ZPPB's share price will then be divided by half reflecting the doubling of shares. As of this writing, bag holders are hurting by as much as 80% in the two weeks since the ZPPB Pump & Dump began on the basis of this con job.