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TAEC: Today's Edition Of "The Nightly"
Proves That The Touts Lie

January 9, 2013: MJ Capital, publisher of the Stock Rock and Roll, Stock Lock and Load, Penny Stock Locks and other pimping newsletters, which promote penny stock scams, proudly announced that today's "pick", Today's Alternative Energy Corp (TAEC) "Brought +100Pct Gains!". We are calling these newsletters boldfaced liars!

While it is true that, TAEC closed yesterday at .0125 and reached a high of .025 today, offering a maximum possible profit of 100% to someone who knew that the stock would be promoted today, the actual open of .0155 made it impossible to make a 100% profit.  At no time today, did the stock trade at $.0125. In fact, as can be seen on today's edition of "The Nightly", a day trader could have theoretically made a profit of 67%. To do that, he would have had to make the very unlikely moves of timing everything exactly right: buy at the low of $.015 and sell at the high of $.025.  This profit would have been available for a trade of 60,000 shares or .2% of today's volume.

Not only do these touts lie about the possible earnings, a very common occurrence with Pump & Dump schemes, they completely ignore the fact that almost everyone who bought the stock lost money. A staggering 97.95% of today's trades took place at prices higher than the .0155 close.

Now we aren't surprised that the touts don't feature this fact, as it isn't exactly a selling point for their newsletters, but isn't it better to say nothing than to out and out lie about the stock performance, and further illustrate that everyone involved in pimping this penny stock garbage has it in for the public?

In better news, yesterday's first edition of "The Nightly", has proven to be a big hit.  The trading report was viewed an amazing 21,822 times since first published yesterday evening. We have received over 300 emails congratulating us for this unprecedented service.

With our addition of "The Nightly", we continue to be the number one source for truthful reporting on Pump & Dump schemes and have received testimonials claiming savings by the pubic of millions of dollars as we strive to end these seemingly legal Ponzi-schemes.

We are striving to publish "The Nightly" by 6:00pm ET of each trading day, although it may occasionally be later in the evening.  While the report is currently accessible by clicking on the tab at the top of the website, it will soon be made available only to subscribers to our email alerts.  If you haven't yet subscribed, be sure to do so, in order that you do not miss out on these very important reports.