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The Truth About Monday's Trading On CHLO

January 7, 2013: The touts are all patting themselves on the back with Monday's trading on China Logistics Group (CHLO), a heavily pushed Pump & Dump that has not issued a press release in 14 months. Contrary to the pie-in-the-sky claims of over 2000% in gains, an actual analysis of today's trading shows that the touts are full of it. The only retail buyers of the stock who made that kind of money, are the ones who bought the stock last week and those were few and far between. The truth is that pre-market accumulation by the market makers, the only ones who can trade in the pre-market, as well as retail bids placed in advance of the open, created a gap up of of better than 100% by the time trading in CHLO opened. So while day to day gains may have very briefly reached 2100%, the fact of the matter is that nobody made that kind of money day trading the stock today. In fact, the best possible gain today was 1009% and only one guy who bought
44,000 shares at $.0055, could have realized that profit, provided that he was the the one who sold the only 25,000 share lot that traded at the high of the day of $.061. What the touts also didn't tell you is that 22.56% of trades ended up as losers today, making up 14.17% of the volume. We expect those that are seeing red after Monday's close will see even more losses Tuesday, as we expect this scam to be a one day special concocted by tout collusion. And while it could be true that many of those holding CHLO shares overnight may be in the green for the moment, we'd expect those gains to evaporate in a hurry on Tuesday, especially if there is a lack of further promotion, thus hastening the rush for the exits.

Date January 7, 2013
Symbol CHLO
Open Price .0056
Close Price .045
Intra-Day Change .0394
Number of Trades 1,401
Number of Trades Above Closing Price 316
Today's % Losing Trades 22.56%
Volume 34,518,189
Volume Above Closing Price 4,891,667
Today's % Losing Volume 14.17%
Volume ($1,000s) 881
High Trade .061
Number of Trades/Volume At High 1/25,000
Low Trade .0055
Number of Trades/Volume At Low 1/44,000
Maximum Possible Gain .0555
Maximum Gain Volume 25,000
Common Shares Outstanding 41,508,203
Market Cap (Not Fully Diluted) $1,867,869

We're getting close to launching "The Nightly", an after-the-close report on the day's promoted stocks.  Each evening we will be providing a breakdown on the trading of each stock, much like we've done in the table above. Your comments are welcome.