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Chancery Resources Pump & Dump Already Has Many Penny Players CCRY-ing Into Their Beer

January 28, 2013: Since we first put this advisory out on January 6, CCRY has fallen another 75% in spite of continued promotional emails. Do not be seduced by any possible gap-up this morning, that may be the temporary result of today's renewed efforts.

January 6, 2013: Penny players would be well advised to be aware of the continuing Pump & Dump campaign on Chancery Resources (CCRY), a scheme first promoted on January 2nd by Odd Marketing's newsletters, Penny Stock Crew and Stock Publisher. In spite of the
touts' trumpeting of over 100% gains on CCRY that day, the fact is that 68.53% of the volume and 398 of the 592 trades were at prices higher than the close of $.0091, which in itself was 52% off the day's high. As insiders were selling stock throughout the day, it is not hard to imagine that almost every retail buyer of stock that day, took a hit. Adding insult to injury, the stock has dropped another 36% since Odd Marketing's ill-fated promotion. Those expecting to recoup losses will be up against additional insider selling. We can't imagine that CCRY's share price will come anywhere near it's previous highs and expect that it will even struggle to regain last Wednesday's close.

Date January 2, 2013
Symbol CCRY
Open Price .007
Close Price .0091
Intra-Day Change .0021
Intra-Day Percentage Change 30.00%
Number of Trades 592
Number of Trades Above Closing Price 398
Today's % Losing Trades 67.23%
Volume 22,678,418
Volume Above Closing Price 15,542,651
Today's % Losing Volume 68.53%
Volume ($1,000s) 228
High Trade .019
Number of Trades/Volume At High 1/40,000
Low Trade .0069
Number of Trades/Volume At Low 1/250,000
Common Shares Outstanding 352,250,000
Market Cap (Not Fully Diluted) $3,205,475

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