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Pump & Dump Incubator, Carrillo Huettel
Shuts Its Doors: Luis Carrillo Flees Country

November 29, 2012:  In a shocking revelation, law firm Carrillo Huettel, LLP, an incubator for some of the biggest Pump & Dump schemes of the last several years and legal representative for several others, shut its doors last month, following a midnight move out if its San Diego, Fifth Avenue offices.  Managing Partner, Luis Carrillo has reportedly left the country and is in hiding from investigators who are looking to question him.  Some sources have placed Carrillo in his ancestral home, Mexico, while others place his whereabouts to be in South America.  One usually reliable source has placed him alternatively in France and Switzerland.

Doors Shut Tight And Office Appears To Be Abandoned

Carrillo's involvement with some of the biggest stock frauds is legendary and he is estimated to have benefited to the tune of millions gleaned from the PRTN, SNPK and NSRS scams. In fact, Carrillo Huettel had its name all over so many Awesome Penny Stocks promotions, that many wondered if they were not one and the same.

More recently, the law firm's name was attached to the current GRPH promotion at the start of that Pump & Dump campaign.  On November 8, GRPH reported that Zouvas Law Group had been retained as its legal counsel.  Interestingly, Luke Zouvas was once a partner at Carrillo Huettel & Zouvas, just long enough to have a cup of coffee at the firm. The two legal firms' merger lasted but a short while, and we'd guess that Zouvas didn't like the looks of the land mines he was stepping into.

The end of Carrillo Huettel looks to be just the latest event in a string of clandestine happenings involving Awesome Penny Stocks.  Over the summer, APS reported changing ownership following the massive failure of its GWBU Pump & Dump campaign.  That announcement was followed by several movements of its newtork servers, from Central America, to Asia and then to Europe, seemingly in an attempt to hide its whereabouts.  About the same time, APS' mailing rights through iContact were revoked by that company following the email service providers' pronouncement that APS was spamming.