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October 8, 2012: Today's PUMPs & dumpS

EMPO: 4 time Pump & Dump never outs cash into anyone's pockets except those of the insiders. Down 28% since May P & D.

COWI: Historically repetitive dilution machine, just reverse split out old shareholders and then created 38 million new shares @ .001. Over last six years reverse split total one for 600,000. Now $12 million in debt. Watch out!

SRGL: Let the illegal spam emails begin!

CTYX: 34% loser since Spetember P & D.

TAGG: TAGGed as "Cavet Emptor" by OTC Markets, complete with skull and crossbones.  Better than 50% drop in last half hour of Thursday's trading.

ELAY: Former spam email P & D has negative value of over 3.5 cents per share.

SANP: 10 million shares sold to the street already. SEFE redux.

GNGR: Two week old Pump and Dump off 76% from last week's highs as insiders dump with abandon. 15 million shares hit street in two weeks.

AMBSDown in a straight line since P & D began on September 24.

TGWI: Already down 20% entering day 4 of Pump & Dump..

SMAANow being illegally spammed. Straight down from the git go and down 2/3 since May's P & D.

EKNL: Over 3 million shares of stock formerly held by insiders dumped in first week of P & D.