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October 5, 2012: Today's PUMPs & dumpS

XFMY: Pump & Dump comes out ahead of notice of late financials.  News must be pretty grim.  WATCH OUT!  This WILL close red today.

TAGG: TAGGed as "Cavet Emptor" by OTC Markets yesterday, complete with skull and crossbones.  Better than 50% drop in last half hour of Thursday's trading.

CWET: Down by better than 50% since P & D began two weeks ago.  Down 75% since February P & D.  Do you want to hold this one when the pump is over?

TGWI: Already down 20% entering day 3 of Pump & Dump..

SMAA: Straight down from the git go and down 2/3 since May's P & D.

EKNL: Over 3 million shares of stock formerly held by insiders dumped in first week of P & D.

CARN: Losses of as much as 66% since P&D began 3 weeks ago.

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