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October 12, 2012: Today's PUMPs & dumpS

EWRL: Resorts to a new spam email campaign as insiders still have plenty of stock for sale.  Bag holders are down since late September P & D.

XCHC: Claims to own this asset and that asset and claims to have made this acqusition and that acquisition and and claims to have sold this and sold that and claims to have made this deal and that deal but lists zero revenues and zero assets.  Huh?

IMUN: Carefully planned Pump & Dump has been moving sideways since first P & D campaign in July.

HIMR: Insiders looking to dump several billion more shares.  With millions and million of shares being bought since July 30, stock is going nowhere fast.

PWEI: Continues to close higher as the street swallowed all the insiders have to give.  Watch out for the upcoming mass exit as the current bag holders  join the competition for searching out new bag holders to pawn off their worthless stock.  Dilution machine has been reverse split 1 for 1 million in past 3 years. No cash.  No revenues.  $100 million market cap.  Keep sending your cash to the cons people.

EMPO: 4 time Pump & Dump never puts cash into anyone's pockets except those of the insiders. Down 28% since May P & D.

TAGG: Drifting lower as the street trusts APS less and less. Pattern shows climb then deliberate slam down to convince new buyers to get in at low.  TAGGed as "Cavet Emptor" by OTC Markets, complete with skull and crossbones.

TGWI: And all of a sudden, "poof", we have lots of losers of 50% of their cash. There's a billion shares for sale so when the heavy dumping begins this will go sub-penny.

EKNL: Over 6 million shares of stock formerly held by insiders dumped in first two weeks of P & D.

AMBS: Down 60% since P & D began 3 weeks ago and moving sideways for last week.

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