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October 10, 2012: Today's PUMPs & dumpS

GFMH: The illegal spam emails begin for this latest deal brought to you by famed penny stock fraud artist and attorney, Jehu Hand.

PWEI: Closed near the high as the street swallowed all the insiders had to give.  Watch out for the upcoming mass exit as the current bag holders  join the competition for searching out new bag holders to pawn off their worthless stock.  Dilution machine has been reverse split 1 for 1 million in past 3 years. No cash.  No revenues.  $100 million market cap.  Keep sending your cash to the cons people.

GTCP: As we predicted, spiked and got hammered in yesterday's opener. Lot's of stock to be dumped on the street.  Watch out for the unscrupulous characters behind this one. Trading at 3500 times book value.  Millions will be lost here.  Same promoters that brought you PZOO disaster.

EMPO: 4 time Pump & Dump never outs cash into anyone's pockets except those of the insiders. Down 28% since May P & D.

CCAJ: Spiked for a brief few minutes when P & D started last week and then went straight down, making everyone a loser. Now trading below the starting price. 100s of millions of shares looking to be dumped by insiders.  Filings brought up to date just in time to enable P & D.

TAGG: Pattern shows climb then deliberate slam down to convince new buyers to get in at low.  TAGGed as "Cavet Emptor" by OTC Markets, complete with skull and crossbones.  Better than 50% drop in last half hour of Thursday's trading.

GNGR: Three week old Pump and Dump off 77% from highs as insiders dump with abandon. Over 20 million shares hit street in just three weeks.

TGWI: Hittiing higher highs but on low volume.  There's a billion shares for sale so when the heavy dumping begins this will go sub-penny.

EKNL: Over 3 million shares of stock formerly held by insiders dumped in first week of P & D.

AMBS: Down 60% since P & D began 3 weeks ago and moving sideways for alst week.

ORYN: Sideways moving Pump & Dump trending down. Has seen insiders dump $7 million worth of stock in 5 weeks.