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September 7, 2012: Today's PUMPs & dumpS

ICRD: No press ever!  Insiders own every share!  You are buying their stock.  Hard to believe that IPR AGency is really doing this one for free.

VKMD: It doesn't get any more Pumpy and Dumpy than this one kids.  As we told you in yesterday's alert, all but 100K shares of the 150.1 million shares issued and outstanding were owned by the insiders as of yesterday morning.  24.3 million of the 39 million shares traded Thursday shares were bought between 20 and 24 cents and now the value of each of those shares is at least 60% lower.  Then the insiders whack out all of the bids to nothing, in order to give you "another opportunity" to get in cheap.  Standard sucker's play and you are a standard sucker if you fell for this one.

DLGI: No Filings in over 5 years. Stock is subject to trading suspension at any time. BEWARE!

GLTV: Zero cash on hand from zero revenues ever and zero real assets. Only real operating expense is marketing and the only thing they market is stock.  'Nuff said.

ENTB: Three days of pumping and three days of dumping with red finishes each day.  Buyers now down as much as 44% since Tuesday.

PRTN: Over $100 million in investor losses already