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September 5, 2012: Today's PUMPs & dumpS

LUXR: $10 million loss on $706K revenues.  Now that's what we call a good investment!   Losses of up to 95% for those who took part in first P&D.  10.8 million fresh S-8 shares for sale induces new P&D. Step right up and throw away your money.

CBIS: Bag holders from previous P&D are down 86%.

OPHI: No financials filed in almost a year.

DOMK: No revenues, ever!  Annual financials very late, a sure sign of a P&D.

DLGI: No Filings in over 5 years. Stock is subject to trading suspension at any time. BEWARE!

FUEG: Is old IKCC Pump & Dump.  Shares close down 25% on yesterday's start of P&D campaign.

OTHM: Why did it take the company so long to figure this out and why is this fodder for a Pump & Dump?  '"A spokesperson from the company stated, "Building transparency is one of the keys to success in this marketplace, and we're pleased to update our corporate materials publicly this week via OTC Markets.  Taking this initiative shows that the company is moving forward to ensure management builds a solid foundation around its core business model.  It appears that the company is ready to showcase its continuing success."'  Continued success? With no revenues ever?

Shares were down all day Monday on first day of P&D.  Stock is still subject to trading suspension. BEWARE!

ENTB: Down 13% on first day of current P&D

NAGP: Many down 33% since current P&D began.  They'll be competing to sell thir shares wth the additional dilutors.

PRTN: Over $100 million in investor losses already

WRAP: Investor losses of almost 71% since P&D commenced

LBGO: shares are down 25% since current P&D began. Lots of downside left.