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CDFT Update: Diane Dalmy and Gary DeRoos Try To Convince Us They Were Only Kidding

September 20, 2012: Following our revelation of the illegality of their newest scheme, CDFT, and faced with the very real possibility that the company could be suspended today, the kids filed an amended S-8 notice with the SEC, effectively asking for a do-over. Obviously, the duo got spooked by our advisory. Now they are trying to claim that there is no contract with stock pimp, Nancy Figueiredo, but don't offer a new explanation for where the stock actually went.

It must all be just a big coincidence that all this went down just as the new Pump & Dump gets underway. Yeah, sure.

Are you stupid enough to fall for this? We don't think that the SEC is, since Dalmy already appears on the OTC Markets Prohibited Attorneys list for her past schemes.