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Awesome Penny Stocks: Told You So!

We Get The Pick Even Though We Are
Not Premium Members!

August 16, 2012 11:00am update: We receive email alerts from all touts at 4 different email addresses.  No one knows which email addresses belong to us.  After we issued our first advisory of the day, we began receiving emails from the APS sister sites announcing that VLNX was the pick.  APS premium members were supposed to get at least a 5 hour head start on the pick and we are most definitely not APS premium members.  This is another indication that the premium memberships were a fraud, just like we warned you.

August 16, 2012 10:30am: By 9:45am this morning, the worst kept secret was that Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) was the new APS pick. So much for the one day head start promised by APS to its “premium” members who forked out as much as $999 for the privilege. What a bunch of suckers, just as we called it in yesterday’s advisory.  In fact, many premium members have complained to us that they have not received even a single email and others complain that they received their emails well after the pick was initially announced.

APS is and always will be a fraud.  The premium membership was just another way that they found to rip off the public.

In the first hour of trading the stock has already produced $50 million in volume and is sure to create huge losers out in the marketplace. Wild swings have already been the order of the day, as market maker, Wilson Davis & Co., acting out of character for an APS pick, showed up with 5,000,000 share offers, which acted as a wall, preventing the share price from going up too fast and in fact, dragging down the stock from its highs of 33 cents to 25 cents before bouncing back to the 30 cent range. We expect that those offers were actual offers as with 375 million shares out there and every share owned by the insiders as of 9:29am this morning, there is plenty of stock to be spread around like fertilizer.

We repeat our warning to proceed very carefully with this one. VLNX has traded with more volume at this early stage than any other pick we’ve seen to date and the bottom can fall out of this one at any time.